Meteor Garden
Ah Shu: "F4? Big deal! You think everybody is afraid of you? Not me!"
F4: "Do you know who you're talking to?"
— Ah Shu makes a fatal mistake.[src]

Ah Shu was a student at Ying De Academy, before the F4's red notice forced him to quit. He was one of the few people ever to stand up to the F4.[1]


Ah Shu studied at Ying De Academy and was tutored by one of the professors. At some point, he stood up to the F4, who later sent Ah Shu a red card. He was bullied by the other students and eventually dropped out. After winter break, Ah Shu briefly returned to retrieve his belongings.[1]

Physical appearance

Ah Shu's notable feature was his shoulder-length, black hair. His overall features could be considered average or normal. He was seen wearing plain, comfortable clothes and last seen wearing all black.

Personality and traits

Ah Shu had enough courage to stand up to the F4, but not enough to continue fighting. His spirit was crushed and he gave off a despondent air. He was silent during his final moments at Ying De.

Behind the scenes

  • Ah Shu is portrayed by an unknown actor in the first episode of Meteor Garden.
  • He is closely based off a minor character, who appears briefly in the manga. Out of the three versions of the character, Ah Shu is the most similar.