Airi Maya
Character information
Name in Japanese 真矢 愛莉
Name in Chinese
Name in Hangul
Romanization Maya Airi
Gender Female
Age 16[1]
Born March 14[1]
Hair color
Eye color
Occupations Student
Education Eitoku Academy
Affiliations Correct 5
"I lost weight for Haruto. I joined the Correct 5 because Haruto was there. Since that day, everything I did was for Haruto's sake. I won't forgive anyone, who gets in my way."
—Airi Maya[src]

Airi Maya (真矢 愛莉 (まや あいり) Maya Airi) is the youngest[1] and only girl member of the Correct 5. She currently attends Eitoku Academy as a second year high school student.[2] Airi is an only child and was in love with the leader of the Correct 5, Haruto Kaguragi.[3][4] She is best friends with Oto Edogawa.[5]


Early life

Airi Maya was born the only child to older parents, who spoiled her. They treated her like a "princess" and gave her sweets, exclusive toys, couture clothing, etc. As a result, she acted selfishly toward her peers and gained an abnormal amount of weight for her age.[3]

One day on a field trip in third grade, Airi fell over and could not get up. No one would help her, except Haruto Kaguragi. He managed to carry her on his back to the designated location, despite being two hours late. Airi loss weight for Haruto after that incident.[3] Becoming good friends afterwards, they once ran away from home together, when they were eight to an old factory.[6] Airi confessed her feelings to Haruto there, though he would not realize what the words meant for several years.[7] At the time, she asked her father to buy the factory.[4]

High school

Airi began attending Eitoku Senior High and joined the Correct 5 for Haruto.[3] She also participates in the "peasant hunts" that the group conducts.[2]

One night, Airi saw Oto Edogawa outside of Haruto's house.[8] She became suspicious and enlisted Kaito Taira's help in learning the girl's identity. Sometime after, Airi saw Oto again, this time outside of a clothing store.[9] Airi recognizes her from an earlier incident, and learns her name after some research. She confronts Kaito about the girl's connection to Haruto and informs him of Oto's fiancé.[10]

Airi grew frustrated by Kaito's hesitation and posted papers around Eitoku that claim that Oto is a commoner. She also confronted Oto and lied to her, saying that Haruto had asked her to make the posters.[3] Airi became upset, when it appeared that Haruto had taken Oto's side in the matter,[11] and later it seemed she was involved in putting the red notice in Oto's locker.[12] She continued to want Oto to leave, evidenced by her calling the money Tenma donated for Oto, "tainted."[13] The following day, Airi expected Haruto to yell at her after what had happened. However, she was shocked when he forgave her instead. She became distressed, which led to her destroying her room.[14]

Later, Airi tricked Oto's fiancé, Tenma Hase. She then implemented the next part of her plan by tearfully apologizing to Oto and Haruto for the previous events. Oto, believing her to be sincere, went with Airi to one of her parent's retail buildings. Sending Haruto ahead to a café, Airi took Oto to the basement and locked her in with Tenma.[15][6]Airi went without Oto to the café, causing Haruto to have suspicions. She showed him a live feed of Tenma and Oto, which he calls "despicable" and that he would no longer be friends with Airi. Sometime after, Airi went missing.[16] Kaito Taira helped look for her and asked both Oto and Haruto for help. Haruto refused, and Oto went looking on her own. Following a clue from a memory of Haruto's, Oto found Airi at an abandoned factory.[7]

After the previous incident, Airi visited Oto's apartment and brought her to Issa Narumiya's flower arranging ceremony at a hotel, hoping to give Haruto a chance with her.[4] She and Oto later soaked in the hotel's hot spring together and become friends.[17] The next day, Airi was surprised and irritated to find out that Haruto had met Megumi Nishidome in the hotel's bath.[18][19] She was disappointed when Megumi transferred to Eitoku and Oto began dating Tenma Hase.[20][21]

Physical appearance


Airi as a young child

Airi has wavy hair, which is always styled in twin tails. As a child, she ate too many sweets and became overweight for a child her age. She lost the weight[3] and has maintains her small waist by taking only nutritional supplements, though she sometimes eats pancakes.[4] Despite, Airi's small weight, Oto comments that "[Airi's boobs] are too big".[17]

She is seen mostly wearing her special Correct 5 uniform. Outside of school, she wears upscale, semi-formal clothing, consisting of mainly dresses.[9]

Personality and traits

Airi can be manipulative and selfish, possibly a result of her upbringing. She has shown obsessive tendencies toward Haruto, and later Oto, who she plots to get rid of. Though she seems to genuinely care for Haruto, her actions can be a bit warped. Toward everyone else, Airi appears indifferent.[3][16] There is also some lasting emotional damage from when Airi was a fat child.[7]

Behind the scenes


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