Ye An Ting (Chinese: 葉安婷; pinyin: Yè Ān Tíng, born July 4, 1982 in Taipei, Taiwan), also known as Ann Yeh or An Tin, is a former actress and model. She is best known for her roles in Meteor Garden and Pretty Girl. Yeh now works in the beauty industry.

In 2001, she portrayed Li Zhen in the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden.


Early life

Ann Yeh was born on July 4, 1982 in Taipei, Taiwan.


In 1997, she began appearing in television commercials. She initially wanted to just be a model and appeared in several magazines, including Jasmine (茉莉) and Beauty 321 (Beauty美人誌). Yeh also worked in a variety of MTV productions.[1]

Yeh had a small role in the Hong Kong action film Roaring Wheels in 2000. The following year, she had a supporting role as Li Zhen in the hit drama, Meteor Garden. Yeh also appeared in the film, Expect a Miracle starring Blackie Chen and Show Lo that year. In 2002, she was in the drama, Farewell Firefly. She had a minor role in Love Me, If You Can with Ariel Lin in 2003. The same year, she had her first starring role in the drama Pretty Girl (美丽俏佳人).

In 2004, Yeh had a small role in the ensemble dramas, She's Gotta Have Money (女人要有錢) and Hero (我是男子漢). She was a flight attendant in the film L-O-V-E, which had a large cast, including Lan Cheng-lung and Ken Chu. In 2012, Yeh appeared in Silence Wong's music video for his song "My First Love Song" (第一首情歌). Since 2015, she has worked in the beauty industry.[2]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2001 Meteor Garden Li Zhen
2002 Farewell Firefly An Ting
2003 Pretty Girl Fang Ying
2004 She's Gotta Have Money Huan Huan
2004 Hero Xiao You


Year Title Role Notes
2000 Roaring Wheels Di Jia
2001 Expect a Miracle
2003 Love Me, If You Can
2009 L-O-V-E Flight attendant


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