This character appears only in the anime and is considered non-canon.

This article covers a character that has been deemed non-canon as it does not involve the manga. Thus it cannot be considered "real" to the rest of the Boys Over Flowers universe.

"You're looking a little pale, did you eat a proper breakfast? Remember that a life without love isn't worth living."
—Aoi Urara to Tsukushi Makino[src]

Aoi Urara (うらら 葵 (うらら あおい) Urara Aoi)[1] is the Health teacher at Eitoku Academy.[2] She is one of the few teachers to stand up to the F4's leader, Tsukasa Domyoji.[3]



Urara began working at Eitoku Senior High as a Health teacher shortly after the F4 forced the previous teacher to quit.[2] Ms. Urara cares about her students and once stopped one from harassing Tsukushi Makino and Kazuya Aoike.[4] She also prevented a student from being beat to death by the leader of F4, Tsukasa Domyoji.[3]

Physical appearance

Aoi Urara has brown eyes and long, curly and brown hair. She pushes her hair back with the use of a black headband. Urara is always shown wearing wire-rimmed glasses and a white lab coat.

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

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