"Trè bien. Tearing the shirt is a stunningly original statement! The effect is of a plant nestled on the Earth...melancholy but beautiful!"
—Mr. Smith impressed by Tsukushi during the contest[src]

Arthur Smith (アーサー・スミス () Āsā Sumisu) was a world-renowned designer. He participated in the Miss Teen Japan as a judge. A translator helped him during the contest, because he only spoke French.[2]


Smith became a famous designer, before acting as a judge in the Miss Teen Japan contest. He was unimpressed by most of the contestants during the first round, which had the girls show off their fashion skills. Smith praised Tsukushi Makino, saying "this is the girl I've been waiting for!"[2]

Physical appearance

His hair was short on the left side and slightly longer on the right. He also had a thin mustache and two earrings in his left ear. Smith wore a simple shirt and blazer.

Behind the scenes


Arthur in the drama

  • Arthur Smith appears in chapter sixty-eight during the "TOJ Arc".
  • He also appears in the ninth episode of Hana Yori Dango. Like in the manga, he excitedly shouts "Trè bien!" and "This is the look I've been searching for!", when he sees Tsukushi's outfit. Tsukushi automatically passed to the next round due to his approval.[3]