Asami (麻美 (あさみ) Asami) was a student at Eitoku Senior High. Her best friend was fellow classmate, Kyoko. The two were previously friends with Oto Edogawa.


Asami attended Eitoku Academy with Kyoko. Both of them came from upper-class families. They befriended Oto Edogawa, who was also in Class D.[1] The two later invited Oto out for pancakes, but she declined.[2]

After it was revealed that Oto was poor, Asami and Kyoko ceased being friends with her.[3]

Physical appearance

She has long, straight hair and parted her bangs to the right with one side tucked behind her ear. Her eyes were slightly round and her eyelashes were barely visible. She wore always her school uniform at Eitoku.

Personality and traits

Like Kyoko, Asami was shown to be kind and caring friend towards Oto. They often did her favors or invited her out. After learning the truth about Oto, they both rejected and behaved coldly toward her. Asami admired the Correct 5's Haruto Kaguragi and Issa Narumiya.

Behind the scenes