Kyoko: "Ta-dah! Look at this! It's a photo of Kaguragi!"
Asami: "Ooh, I'm so jealous!"
— Asami and Kyoko both like Haruto Kaguragi.[src]

Asami (麻美 Asami) is a student in Class D at Eitoku Senior High. Her best friend is Kyoko and her former friend is Oto Edogawa.[1]


Asami began attending Eitoku Academy sometime before or at the beginning of her first year of high school. She most likely comes from an upper-class family, since she arrives to school by limousine.[1] Asami was placed in Class D with Kyoko and Oto Edogawa.[2][3]

She and Kyoko are good friends and do a lot of things together, such as going to eat out at pancake shops. They would also invite Oto along, who they considered to be a good friend.[4] They felt tricked after learning that Oto was actually a "commoner" and rejected her.[3] Asami and Kyoko continued to act cold towards Oto, though attempted to be nice when Issa Narumiya told the girls to stop bullying Oto.[5]

Physical appearance

She has long hair, which falls way below her collar. Her bangs are also parted to the right with one side tucked behind her ears. Her eyes are not as round as Kyoko's and her eyelashes are not as visible.[2] She is always seen wearing the Eitoku Academy school uniform[3] and often wears make-up.[6]

Personality and traits

Like Kyoko, Asami was shown to be kind and caring towards Oto.[4] However, after learning that Oto is not rich, they both rejected and behaved cold towards her.[3] She also has a liking for the Correct 5's Haruto Kaguragi[1] as well as Issa Narumiya.[5]

Behind the scenes




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