Bai He

Bai He
Character information
Name in Japanese
Name in Chinese 百合
Name in Hangul
Romanization Bǎi Hé
Gender Female
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Dark brown
Occupations Student
Education Ying De University

Bai He (百合 Bǎi Hé) is a student at Ying De University and best friend of Qian Hui.[1] They both bullied and acted maliciously toward Dong Shan Cai.[2]



Bai He began attending Ying De University at an unknown period of time with her friend, Qian Hui. They both participated with the other students in bullying Dong Shan Cai.[1] She and Qian Hui even pretended to be friends with Shan Cai by erasing the horrendous graffiti, which that in fact had written. To embarrass Shan Cai, they invited her to a fancy party and made fun of her clothes, when she arrived. Shan Cai ended up embarrassing Bai He instead by pouring a drink over her head.[2]

Physical appearance

She has medium length, brown hair, which she occasionally wears half-up. Bai He wears only expensive name brand clothes and jewelry. She has put a lot of time and money into her appearance.[1]

Personality and traits

Despite showing a caring side when she lent Shan Cai a handkerchief,[1] Bai He is later shown to be jealous and somewhat cold-hearted. She looked down on Shan Cai, because she is "ordinary". Bai He is also very greedy, and has implied that she would not care if a man is bald as long as he is rich.[2]

Behind the scenes


Live-action drama


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