"Biore x Hana Yori Dango" collaboration as seen on the website

Biore (ビオレ () ), also stylized as Bioré, is a skincare brand owned by the Japanese company, Kao (花王 () ). Kao sold the first Biore product, "Biore Facial Foam" in 1980. They soon began selling makeup remover and cleansing wash in the following years, which were marketed at "office ladies" or "OLs". In 1999, they revamped their "Biore Facial Foam". Over the next decade, Kao continued developing different kinds of makeup remover and face wash.[1] Biore is also sold in the United States.

Yoko Kamio hinted at the collaboration on her Twitter in June 2016.[2] Biore began the marketing campaign featuring Boys Over Flowers, particularly centered around the F4, in early August 2016.[3] They also posted advertisements in the Tokyo subway system.[4] Biore's website also had a quiz, which told customer which product to use with the F4's comments.


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