Boys Over Flowers 6
Book information
Author Yoko Kamio
Illustrator Yoko Kamio
Publishers Shueisha (Japan)
Viz Media (North America)
Publication date March 25, 1994 (Japan)[1]
June 9, 2004 (Viz)[2]
Pages 200
ISBN 9784088481937
Preceded by Boys Over Flowers 5
Followed by Boys Over Flowers 7

Boys Over Flowers 6 (花より男子 6 () Hana Yori Dango 6) is the sixth volume of Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio.

Book description

"Could Tsukushi Makino really fall under Tsukasa Domyoji's spell? Desire and jealously walk hand in hand as the crazed Tsukasa seeks revenge on behalf of Tsukushi. Rui Hanazawa surprises everyone with his return from France. Tsukasa's mixture of cruelty and compassion is as perplexing as ever."
—Viz description[3]


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