Boys Over Flowers Season 2 1



Book information
Author Yoko Kamio
Illustrator Yoko Kamio
Publishers Shueisha (Japan)
Viz Media (North America)
Publication date July 3, 2015[1] (Japan)
December 22, 2015[2] (Viz)
Pages 207
ISBN 9784088804026
Preceded by
Followed by Boys Over Flowers
Season 2 1
"I'm so excited to draw Eitoku Academy again! I hope even those of you who haven't read the previous Boys Over Flowers books will enjoy this new series. Look forward to more volumes to come!"
Yoko Kamio, foreword

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 1 (花のち晴れ〜花男 Next Season〜 1 () Hana Nochi Hare ~HanaDan Next Season~ 1) is the first collection of chapters from the sequel to Boys Over Flowers. The volume was published by Shueisha on July 3, 2015.[1] Viz Media released it digitally on December 22, 2015.[3] It sold an estimated 67,620 copies by July 12 in Japan.[4]

Oto Edogawa, from a recently bankrupted family, goes to the elite school Eitoku Academy. The Correct 5, led by Haruto Kaguragi, vow to remove all the poor students to preserve the school's reputation. Unfortunately, Haruto learns of Oto's secret, when he discovers her working at a convenience store.

Book description

"Poor Oto Edogawa can't seem to catch a break. When her wealthy family loses its fortune, she keeps up pretenses at her elite school for the super rich, Eitoku Academy, by supporting herself with a low-wage convenience store job. If the self-appointed guardians of the school and successors of the legendary "F4," the "Correct 5," discover her secret poverty, she'll be expelled! But none of them would ever stoop to shop at a plebeian convenience store...right?"
—Viz description[5]


Coming Soon!

Afterword Story

"What will the future hold for Haruto Kaguragi, who repulsed both Nishikado and Mimasaka?"
—The short comic ends with speculation.

Sojiro Nishikado and Akira Mimasaka greet new readers and summarize Boys Over Flowers with a four-panel comic. The two become irritated that the sequel series does not feature them as the main characters. The joke about the name "Correct 5" and spy on Haruto, surrounded by photos of Tsukasa Domyoji. After one look, Sojiro exclaims "that's creepy..." and the story ends with the narrator speculating about Haruto's future.


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Chapter 1 title page as published in Japanese edition

  • Chapter 1: the first installment of Boys Over Flowers Season 2, published on February 15, 2015.[6] The chapter sets up the series and introduces the main characters.
  • Chapter 2: published March 1, 2015, it continues the story from the previous chapter. Haruto is worried that Oto will expose his secret and invites her to his mansion.
  • Chapter 3: Haruto, still worried that Oto will expose him, follows her to work and saves her from a co-worker. The chapter was published on March 14, 2015 in both Japan and America.
  • Chapter 4: first published March 28, 2015 on Shonen Jump+ and Viz's VizManga website. Haruto questions why he saved Oto, being depressed from being called "creepy".
  • Chapter 5: Continuing the story, Airi investigates the mysterious girl she discovered the previous chapter. The chapter was published on April 12, 2015.
  • Chapter 6: published on April 26, 2015 in both Japan and America. The chapter shows Haruto and Oto begin to become friend, when he asks her to eat pancakes with him.
  • Bonus: also titled "Afterword Story", a four page comic featuring Sojiro Nishikado and Akira Mimasaka from Boys Over Flowers. The two summarize the previous series for new readers.
  • Character profiles: the volume includes new information on Oto and the Correct 5 members. Their birthday, age, height, personality, hobbies, as well as their favorite word, are among the items listed.


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  • South Korea: this volume and the next were published on April 29, 2016 by Seoul Media Group as 꽃보다 맑음1.[7] A glasses case and two kinds of illustration cards were available with the release.[8]
  • Taiwan: Tong Li Comics published the volume as Meteor Garden Next Season 1 (流星花園~Next Season~1) on January 4, 2016.[9]



Volume 1 with the obi

  • The volume was originally published in Japan with a special dust jacket called an obi, which describes the series and connects it with Kamio's original work, Boys Over Flowers.
  • Oto Edogawa is also featured on the back of the cover.
  • Along with volume two, Yoko Kamio signed an unknown number of copies of this book for the Animate Girls Festival, held on November 7 and 8, 2015. The sale was limited to one volume per person.[10]
  • The volume was published on the same day as the launch of the smart phone app, Hana Yori Dango: F4 and First Kiss. Some limited avatar items were also available for the app provided by a serial code in the volume.[11][12]


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