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Boys Over Flowers (花より男子 () Hana Yori Dango) is a manga series created in Japan by Yoko Kamio. The manga ran in the magazine, Margaret from March 1992 to August 2003. Shueisha published all thirty-seven volumes of Boys Over Flowers in Japan.[1] The series has been published across Asia (Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong), Europe (France, Italy), and North America.[2] The anime has also aired in other countries, such as Singapore[3] and Italy.[4] The popularity of Boys Over Flowers grew with the release of the drama adaptations, Meteor Garden (Taiwan), Hana Yori Dango (Japan), and Boys Over Flowers (South Korea), which aired in many Asian countries.


  • Brazil: the manga has not been published in Brazil.[5] The anime though has been translated by fans into Brazilian Portuguese.

United States


Viz edition

Viz Media licensed the manga and anime in 2003 for release in North America.[6][7] Viz published the whole series as Boys Over Flowers in print and eBook format.[8] On February 15, 2015, Viz began releasing Boys Over Flowers Season 2 simultaneously with Japan.[9] They also ran the first three chapters in their Weekly Shonen Jump publication.[10]

The popularity of the manga as well as the many drama versions would influence the online American adaptation, titled Boys Before Friends. [11][12] Many fans "expressed disappointment" at the casting and production of the show.[13]


  • Hong Kong: JD Comics published the series as "花样男子" (Huāyàng Nánzǐ, lit. "Boys")[14] starting in 1999.[15][2] They also published the "Complete Edition"[16] and Hana Yori Dango FF.[17]
  • Malaysia: Comics Directory has published at least eighteen volumes of the manga in Malay.[18]
  • Thailand: Siam Inter Comics began publishing the series as "สาวแกร่งแรงเกินร้อย" in 1998.[2][19]
  • Vietnam: Boys Over Flowers was published as "Con Trai Hơn Hoa" by TVM Comics.[20] It is also known as "Con nhà giàu" (lit. "the rich") in Vietnam.[21]



Meteor Shower 2 poster

The Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden became popular in China during its broadcast in 2001, causing a "F4 Fever". The show was banned in Beijing, citing "that the decadent lifestyle portrayed by boy band 'F4' would corrupt young Chinese minds".[22][23][24]

In 2009, the success of the Korean version inspired Hunan TV to create Meteor Shower. A clause in Shueisha's contract with the Korean producers, made it impossible for Hunan TV to obtain the rights to the series. The show's producers later stated that Meteor Shower is an "original work".[25] Meteor Shower aired for two seasons in August 2009 and 2010.

In April 2017, a reboot of Meteor Garden was announced by producer Angie Chai. The remake has a budget thirty times higher than the original.[26] It is a co-production between China and Taiwan.


MTV India produced the youth soap opera, Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan in 2014, which is loosely based on the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers.[27][28] The soap opera became fairly popular in India, particularly thanks to the coupling of Manik Maholtra (played by Parth Samthaan) and Nandini Murthy (Niti Taylor),[29] the counterparts of Tsukasa Domyoji and Tsukushi Makino.



Indonesian edition

The manga began publication in Indonesia as Meteor Garden: Hanayori Dango by Elex Media Komputindo in 2002.[30][2]

Meteor Garden aired on Indosiar and was a big success in Indonesia. In 2002, Prima Entertainment produced Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta. Viewers began noticing the similarities between the show and Meteor Garden by the third episode. The show has been accused of plagiarizing Meteor Garden.[31][32][33] In 2017, a remake titled Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta Reborn began airing.[34]

Other Indonesian dramas have also been compared to the television dramas, Hana Yori Dango and Boys Over Flowers.



Korean edition

Boys Over Flowers (꽃보다 남자) was published by Seoul Media Group in South Korea starting in 1997,[35][2] including the "Complete Edition",[36] Hana Yori Dango FF[37] and the light novels. The manga also ran in the Korean manhwa magazine, Wink.[38] Seoul Media Group also publishes Boys Over Flowers Season 2 simultaneously with Japan. The series is published under the title (꽃보다 맑음) in South Korea.[39][40]

In 2009, a Korean adaptation of the manga was broadcast on KBS.[41] Like Meteor Garden, the drama is also credited with launching the career of Lee Min-ho.[42] The drama also influenced the trend "kkotminam" (lit. men as beautiful as flowers), "pretty boy" or "flower boy". The trend featured men dressing in preppy clothes with soft colors or floral prints that are usually considered feminine.[43] The popularity of the drama extended throughout Asia.


The drama adaptations of Boys Over Flowers are popular in the Philippines, particularly Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers. Meteor Garden first aired on ABS-CBN in May 2003 and became the #1 drama in the Philippines at the time. GMA re-aired Meteor Garden in July 2007 and starting on March 31, 2014 Jeepney TV re-aired it and its sequel, Meteor Garden II. It earned a national TV rating of 16.2% and became a trending topic on Twitter. Jeepney TV re-aired the show once again starting on September 5, 2015.[44][45]

Rumors have persisted since 2009[46] that ABS-CBN were making a Meteor Garden remake, which would be called Brat Boys Beyond. The cast was rumored to include Sarah Geronimo (Shan Cai/Tsukushi Makino), Nico Ibaviosa (Dao Ming Si/Tsukasa Domyoji), Eduard Duallo (Hua Ze Lei/Rui Hanazawa), Andre Endique (Xi Men/Sojiro Nishikado), and Chase Rivera (Mei Zuo/Akira Mimasaka).[47]

The Korean adaptation of Boys Over Flowers began airing on ABS-CBN on May 11, 2009, and was later re-aired on Studio 23 on April 19, 2010, and Jeepney TV on August 18, 2014.[48] The drama was also popular in the Philippines, albeit not as much as Meteor Garden.

The manga has not been released in the Philippines,[49] though it is possible that the Viz edition may have been purchasable in stores that sell imported goods.


The anime of Boy Over Flowers first aired in Singapore in early 2000. It was re-aired in April 2001 and gained some loyalty among Singaporean viewers. The Tong Li Comics version of the manga as well as the Taiwanese Margaret were available at the time in various stores, including Kinokuniya. Meteor Garden aired in Singapore in July 2001 on MediaCorp Channel 8.[3] MediaCorp Channel U aired the Korean adaptation of Boys Over Flowers starting from May 16, 2009.



Taiwan edition

Boys Over Flowers is known as Meteor Garden (流星花園 Liúxīng Huāyuán) in Taiwan. All thirty-seven volumes of manga were published by Tong Li Comics,[50]including the twenty volume version,[51] and the fanbook.[52] The manga was published by Tong Li in Margaret, which is the Taiwanese version of the original Japanese magazine. Boys Over Flowers began its run in the magazine's first issue in February 2001. The magazine has since ceased publication in April 2010.[53][54]

The popularity of the manga lead to the television drama adaptation, also titled Meteor Garden. Adaptations of Japanese shojo manga were trendy at the time.[55] Meteor Garden was a break-out hit in Taiwan and is often credited with rising Barbie Hsu and Jerry Yan to stardom. Hsu's role as Shan Cai is now considered "iconic".[56][57] After the drama's ending, Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu, who played the F4 on the show, formed a boy band of the same name. Shueisha allowed the band to use the name, until confusion arose around the Japanese drama adaptations and the name.[58] The band renamed themselves to JVKV.[59]




volume 1 Italian edition

Panini Comics published the manga under their "Planet Manga" label as Hanayori Dango: Meglio i ragazzi che i fiori.[63] The Italian version was pubished into forty-eight volumes monthly from July 2002 and July 2006.[64]

The anime of Boys Over Flowers was brought to Italy by Mediaset and first broadcast on Italian Teen Television during the summer of 2004. In 2010, the anime was rebroadcast on Hiro under the title Mille emozioni tra le pagine del destino per Marie Yvonne. The "questionable content" of anime was edited out and character's names were changed.[4][65]

Italian voice cast
Original Italian Voice[66]
Tsukushi Makino Marie-Yvonne Tudor Marcella Silvestri
Tsukasa Domyoji Thomas Dolber Patrizio Prata
Rui Hanazawa Rupert Atkins Simone D'Andrea
Sojiro Nishikado Nathan Montgomery Luca Bottale
Akira Mimasaka Alexander Motters Ryan Carrassi
Shizuka Todo Giselle LaRoche Elda Olivieri

Pop culture


"Boys Over Acting"


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