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Series Boys Over Flowers Season 2
Volume 1
Chapter 1
Release date February 15, 2015[1]
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"From all over Japan, the children of the wealthy converge. To regular folk, the campus buildings looked like the were covered in gold. That is until two years ago."
—The opening monologue alludes to Eitoku's lost reputation.

Chapter 1 (第1花 () ), originally published as Episode 1 (1話 () ), is the first installment of Boys Over Flowers Season 2. The chapter was released simultaneously in Japan and America on February 15, 2015[1] and was followed by chapter 2 on March 1, 2015. It was the first Boys Over Flowers-related chapter since "Shall I Talk About Myself? Part 2" in 2008.

Haruto Kaguragi, leader of the Correct 5, plans to restore Eitoku Academy's reputation by forcibly making the poorer students leave. The heroine, Oto Edogawa is trying desperately to keep the fact that her family is bankrupt a secret from the Correct 5.



The F4 still holds an influence over Eitoku.

Eitoku Senior High has lost its elite reputation, formerly being known as a school for the children of Japan's richest. The Correct 5 was formed by Haruto Kaguragi to return Eitoku back to its former glory. Thus they conduct operations known as "peasant hunts". On these hunts, the group forcibly makes a student, who can no longer pay the school's donations, sign a withdrawal form to leave the school.

Oto Edogawa, another student at Eitoku, is having a rough day so far, which gets worse when she runs in front of the Correct 5's car. Sometime later, Haruto's butler, Kobayashi is going to get more of the strange mail-order items that Haruto loves. Kobayashi hurts his back and Haruto goes to the convenience store instead. Coincidentally, Oto works there and they recognize each other. Both become afraid that the other will tell their secret.

The next day, Haruto confronts Oto at the school gate. He tries to scare here into leaving by calling her a "peasant", since she works unlike other Eitoku students. Meanwhile, two students from Momonozono Academy harass an Eitoku girl. Haruto hesitates to help her, causing Oto to call him a coward, and steps in to help the girl instead. Her speech sparks an old memory for Haruto.

A few years prior, Haruto, a short, middle school student, is being bullied by several older boys. Tsukasa Domyoji, leader of the F4, hits the bullies and calls Haruto "pathetic" for not protecting himself. The word causes Haruto to begin training to become strong. The day before Tsukasa leaves for America, Haruto meets him again and promises to watch over Eitoku.

Haruto, roused by the memory, finally steps in and punches the guy harassing the female student. The student body cheers for Haruto and despite the pain in his hand, Haruto shrugs off the incident. However, upon seeing Oto, Haruto realizes he will not be safe for long if he cannot do something about her.

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Title page of the Taiwan release


Title page of Korean release

  • The story references El Dorado, saying that to regular people Eitoku Academy must remind them of the legend.
  • Sugimaru's last name is erroneously spelled "Ebisu" in the original release of the chapter. His name is correctly spelled "Eibi" in the following chapters and the volume release.
  • The chapter was also published in the sixth issue of Margaret in February 2015. The magazine previously published Boys Over Flowers and included a "Special Notes" page explaining the series.[2]
  • Viz Media included the chapter in the twelfth issue of their online publication, Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2015 as a part of their "Jump Start" initiative.[3]
  • Tong Li Comics published the chapter in the sixteenth issue of the Taiwanese magazine, Formosa Youth in March 2015.[4][5]
  • Seoul Media Group published the chapter online in South Korea[6] as Fog Over Flowers Episode 1 (Hangul: 꽃보다 맑음 1화).


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