Chieko: "Go, Tsukushi. You have to go! Why do you think we're sending you to Eitoku Academy?! Go to this party or you're disowned!"
Haruo: "Marry him and raise my allowance!"
— Chieko insists that Tsukushi go to Tsukasa's party.[src]

Chieko Makino (牧野 千恵子 (まきの ちえこ) Makino Chieko) was the mother of Tsukushi and Susumu, and the wife of Haruo Makino.[2]


Early life

After marrying Haruo Makino, they went on their honeymoon to Atami. Chieko remarked several years later how "[they] were happy back then," also adding "that's when I thought [he'd] be successful."[3] The couple had two children together, Tsukushi and Susumu.

Tsukushi at Eitoku

"Tsukushi, you absolutely must get into Eitoku Academy. All the children of your father's coworkers attend first-rate schools."
—Chieko pleads with Tsukushi to enroll at Eitoku Academy.[src]

Once Tsukushi reached high school age, Chieko forced her to enroll at the prestigious, Eitoku Academy. Despite her daughter's protests, Chieko wanted to avoid "shame" since the children of her husband's coworkers went to good schools.[4] Chieko also encouraged Tsukushi's acquaintance with Tsukasa Domyoji, again despite her protests.[5] She and her husband later visited Atami with their daughter and her friend, Kazuya Aoike. Tsukasa, who was also on vacation there, held a party, which Chieko forced Tsukushi to go to.[3]

Physical appearance

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

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