"If our school loses more students, we won't meet the enrollment quota. And then they'll have to admit more students in order to sustain the school! We won't be able to maintain our high standards. Ordinary people will come and Eitoku Academy's standards will fall. That's why we must be the ones to stop this. On the honor of these black jackets and the Correct 5 name, we've got to get rid of those paupers that can't provide the school with donations."
Haruto's goal for the Correct 5[src]

L-to-R: Issa Narumiya, Airi Maya, Sugimaru Eibi, Haruto Kaguragi, Kaito Taira

The Correct 5 (コレクト5 (コレクト ファイブ) Korekuto Faibu) is a group of young, upper-class students at Eitoku Academy. The members include Haruto Kaguragi, Kaito Taira, Sugimaru Eibi, Airi Maya, and Issa Narumiya. There goal is to restore Eitoku back to the glory it had, when the F4 attended.

The group was founded by their leader, Haruto Kaguragi. Together they congregate in a special room called "Salon"[1] at Eitoku Academy, where they currently attend high school.[2] They also have special uniforms and are sometimes referred to as "the people in the black jackets" by outsiders.[3]


The Correct 5 formed two years prior[4] as a result of Haruto Kaguragi's admiration for the F4. They all attend Eitoku Academy, which is suffering from a decrease in popularity. The Correct 5 in order to help the school's reputation conduct what they call "peasant hunts". During these "hunts", the Correct 5 locate a student, who has not made any donations to the school within a certain time, and hand them a withdrawal notice.[2]

The group has held at least three peasant hunts, including Taku Komatsubara[2], Imabayashi[5], and Oto Edogawa. The one on Oto Edogawa has been their only unsuccessful hunt so far, since her fiancé paid her donation.[4]


  • Haruto Kaguragi — the leader, who wishes to return Eitoku to it's former glory.[2]
  • Kaito Taira — Haruto's right-hand man, who collects information on the student body.[2]
  • Sugimaru Eibi — the Correct 5's athletic member.
  • Airi Maya — the only girl of the group, who joined because she likes Haruto.[6]
  • Issa Narumiya — the womanizing member, least interested in the group's activities.

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