"On the honor of these black jackets and the Correct 5 name, we've got to get rid of those paupers that can't provide the school with donations."
Haruto Kaguragi[src]

The Correct 5 (コレクト5 (コレクト ファイブ) Korekuto Faibu) is a group of students at Eitoku Academy. The group, led by Haruto Kaguragi, consists of Kaito Taira, Sugimaru Eibi, Airi Maya, and Issa Narumiya. They are similar to the F4, but have a goal to restore Eitoku back to its former glory.

The group conducts "peasant hunts", meaning they force the poor students to withdrawal from the school. They usually meet in Eitoku's "Salon".[1] The Correct 5 also has a special uniform that only they wear.


The Correct 5 formed two years prior[2] as a result of Haruto Kaguragi's admiration for the F4, particularly Tsukasa Domyoji. They attend the former elite Eitoku Academy, which has recently suffered a significant drop in popularity. In order to help the school, the group frequently conduct "peasant hunts". The Correct 5 locate students, such as Taku Komatsubara who had not made any donations to the school, and hand them a withdrawal notice. The students presumably feel pressured to leave.[1] It was believed that they removed many of the "stealth commoners" by the time they forced Imabayashi to leave.[3]

Oto Edogawa was revealed to be a commoner by Airi, after she posted fliers around the school.[4] Haruto, who already had knowledge of Oto's status, was forced to consider forcing her out of Eitoku. However, he found that he could not do it when the time came. Airi decided to carry it out by herself. Oto's fiance Tenma Hase, the student president of Momonozono Academy, paid her donation, allowing her to stay.[2]


  • Haruto Kaguragi — the leader, who wishes to return Eitoku to it's former glory.
  • Kaito Taira — Haruto's right-hand man, who collects information on the other students.
  • Sugimaru Eibi — the Correct 5's athletic member.
  • Airi Maya — the only girl of the group, who originally joined because she liked Haruto.
  • Issa Narumiya — a womanizer and the least interested in the group's activities.

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