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Shan Cai: "Have you ever liked someone? If you like someone, you should curb your feelings and set the person free. Let them do what they want. Maybe with time the feelings will fade away and it will end."
Si: "Don't be stupid! Isn't that as good as not having the feelings in the first place? What if you died tomorrow? Won't you have regrets? I would go all out to fight for happiness! Why did you ask me such a stupid question?"
— Si answers Shan Cai's question.[src]

Dao Ming Si (Chinese: 道明 寺; pinyin: Dào Míng Sì) was the heir of the Dao Ming family. He was leader of the F4, a group that consisted of his best friends, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo. Si attended Ying De University.


Early life

Dao Ming Si was born to Dao Ming Cheng and Dao Ming Feng. His parents were co-presidents to a well-known company and were extremely wealthy.[3] Si had an older sister named, Dao Ming Zhuang. They spent much of their childhood together, since their parents were often aboard.[4]

In kindergarten, Si became friends with Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who were also heirs to rich families. He also befriended Teng Tang Jing during this time.[5]


By college, Si and his friends had formed the F4, an abbreviation of "Flower 4". They basically controlled Ying De University, because the school was originally set up for them by their families. Anyone who opposed them was given a red notice and bullied until they dropped out.[6]

Meeting Shan Cai


Si in shock after being punched by Shan Cai.

Dao Ming Si: "There's nothing in this world which money cannot buy. If it pleases me, I may even buy the Eiffel Tower for you. Besides, a man like me is a good choice for you."
Shan Cai: "You have no common sense! Don't take me for a fool! You want to buy me like a piece of merchandise? Listen, I'm someone whom no amount of money can buy!"
Shan Cai refuses Si's offer to become his girlfriend.[src]

Dao Ming Si first met Dong Shan Cai, when she stood up to him for her friend. He subsequently gave Shan Cai a red notice. Unlike previous victims, Shan Cai declared war on the F4 and Si decided to step up the bullying. He sent two goons to scare her, though they actually attempted to assault her. She later punched him in retaliation for the incident. He presumably became romantically interested in her and kidnapped her from school. Si's staff gave her a makeover at his home and he asked her to be his girlfriend, which she refused.[6]

Shan Cai blamed him for spreading a rumor about her having an abortion and told him she was a virgin, which he misinterpreted to mean that she was interested in him. Si later protected Shan Cai from Qian Hui and Bai He, though she rebuffed him since it was his fault in the first place. Meanwhile, Jing returned from France and Shan Cai's friend, Chen Qing He transferred to Ying De. Si became jealous at seeing Shan Cai with another man and sent a red card to Qing He. Shan Cai and Qing He were then chased by a mob of students. At this point, Lei stepped in to save Shan Cai, which angered Si and caused him to sever his friendship with Lei.[5]

After the incident, Shan Cai fell ill and Si visited her at her house. He offered to pay for her to go on the class trip to Hawaii, but she opted to go on a cruise with Qing He instead. In response, Si bought the ship and invited a bunch of classmates along. That night, Si hosted a party, which went well for him because Shan Cai accidentally kissed him. Qing He later challenged Si to a swimming contest that Si won. The two later made sashimi together, unknowingly cheering up Shan Cai. Back at school, Si became enraged after seeing Lei and Shan Cai alone together. He returned later and forced a kiss on her, but stopped when began to cry.[3]

Growing close to Shan Cai


Si and Shan Cai at his home.

Shan Cai: "Surely you're not jealous?"
Si: "I am jealous! Very jealous! I can't wait to kill him! It's because I love you. I really love you."
— Si confesses his feelings to Shan Cai[src]

Si sent Shan Cai a dress as an apology, which she gave away. He did not see her again until Jing's birthday party. Shan Cai, who was drunk at the time, threw up on him and he ended up taking her home. Si and the others said goodbye to Jing at the airport, and he also made up with Lei, who left to follow Jing. Si then asked Shan Cai on a date there, but she did not hear him over the planes. Si later told her the time and place, yet she still did not understand him. He waited in the rain for four hours, before she arrived. They went to have tea, but became stuck in a stairwell. Si, who had developed a fever, and Shan Cai were trapped until morning.[7]

Everyone at school believed that Si and Shan Cai were dating, after seeing photos of them together. Si made no move to clear the misconception and soon began acting like her boyfriend. A couple days later, Qian Hui showed Si photos of Shan Cai and Thomas going to a hotel. Si, thinking Shan Cai cheated, got drunk and waited outside her home. However, he mistook Li Zhen for Shan Cai and kissed her. Si eventually realized he still loved Shan Cai and saved her from bullies. He brought her to his home, where he confessed his feelings and kissed her. The next morning, Si set out to get revenge on Shan Cai's bullies, but she stopped him.[8]

Lei's return to Taiwan


Si during the basketball match

Si: "Am I so detestable? Do you love Lei so much?"
Shan Cai: "No. But if I accept your kiss, I'll never be able to forgive myself."
Si: "Why must it be Lei? Why must it be my best friend? I feel like such a fool. Why am I in love with such a girl?"
— A devastated Si pleads with Shan Cai before the basketball match.[src]

Si obtained the address of the person who posted the photos of Shan Cai and Thomas. When they went there, Shan Cai was devastated to find her friend, Li Zhen. Meanwhile, Lei returned from France. Si later took Shan Cai and his friends on a trip to Okinawa. He shared a room with Shan Cai, but slept on the couch. That night, Si woke up and found that Shan Cai was gone. In the morning, Si began to think that she spent the night with Lei. His suspicions were confirmed later that night, when he saw them kissing. Si punched Lei, before telling Shan Cai never to speak to him again.[4]

Back in Taiwan, Si, still hurt by Lei's betrayal, kicked him out of the F4, despite Xi Men's and Mei Zuo's protests. He put Qing He in Lei's place and declared that he would expel Lei and Shan Cai from school. In the meantime, Si's butler asked Si's sister, Zhuang, to come home and help Si with his first love. Si confronted the Ying De's principal, but was intercepted by Zhuang, who suggested a solution. They split into two teams for a basketball match with Xi Men and Mei Zuo on Si's side against Lei, Shan Cai, and Qing He. Si's team almost won the match, but he gave up at the last second. After the match, Si decided to join his parents in New York.[9]

Si returned to Taiwan within two days, after Lei told him that he believed Shan Cai actually liked Si. He went to see Shan Cai immediately and spent the night at her parents urging. Shan Cai later borrowed one million from Si for her family's debt. He told her she could repay him by meeting him the following Saturday. That day, Shan Cai brought along a child, Xiao Long, which frustrated Si. The day ended going well, until Shan Cai said something that made him mad. Later, Si went to see Shan Cai at her new job, when he saw her with Xiao Shun. He became jealous and hit him as well as insult Shan Cai.[10]

Physical appearance

Dao Ming Si's most noticeable feature was his hair, which stuck up straight and was often described as looking similar to a "pineapple". He sometimes had his stylist flat iron his hair, though it only lasted for about eight hours. Si also often wore bandanna-like headbands.

Personality and traits

"If apologies could help, would we still need the police?"
—Si's oft-quoted line, when someone apologizes to him.[src]

Si was, in general, a spoiled, hot-headed, rich boy. His personality was largely the result of his childhood with the only positive influence being his older sister. Si's parents were absent from his life and he ran wild doing whatever he pleased. He was easily angered and had a menacing presence, which caused people to automatically apologize to him. His temper could be compared to Shan Cai's as the two often argued. Si also believed that he was better than most people, because of his wealth. His became softer and considerate, because of Shan Cai's influence.

Behind the scenes

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