Dong Shan Cai

Dong Shan Cai
Character information
Name in Japanese
Name in Chinese 董 杉菜
Name in Hangul
Romanization Dǒng Shān Cài
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Occupations Student
Family Unnamed (father)
Unnamed (mother)
Education Ying De University
"Let me tell you again, I am the one that you can't buy no matter how much money you spend. Goodbye"
—Shan Cai to Dao Ming Si[src]

Dong Shan Cai (董 杉菜 Dǒng Shān Cài) is a student at Ying De University.


Early life

Her mother and father married around twenty years prior. Sometime later, Dong Shan Cai was born an only child.[1] She attended high school with her good friend, Xiao You.


Her mother worked hard for Shan Cai to be able to enter into Ying De University. However by the beginning of her second semester in college, she wished to leave. Shan Cai began to dislike the school, after her discovery of the tyrannical F4. Prompted to protect her friend Li Zhen, Shan Cai stands up to the F4 and eventually declares war on them. The F4's leader, Dao Ming Si hires some goons to scare her. They attempt to assault her, which F4 member Hua Ze Lei saves her from. Shan Cai later confronts Dao Ming Si and punches him.[1]

Dao Ming Si took a liking to Shan Cai after she punched him. He kidnapped her and had his servants dress her up in his home salon. Shan Cai is unimpressed by the display and angrily refused him, when he asked her to be his girlfriend.[1]

Physical appearance

Shan Cai has long, black hair, which she often braids into pigtails.

Personality and traits

Shan Cai is brave and righteous, always standing up for what she believes in. At the beginning of college, she found it hard to confront the F4. After some time, Shan Cai built up her courage and declared war. Some of her personality that she had during high school returned at this point.[1]

Behind the scenes

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