Dowson is a convenience store located in Tokyo, Japan. Oto Edogawa and Konno work there part-time. Tadashi Maeno previously worked at the store, before resigning.


After Oto Edogawa's family went bankrupt, she began working at Dowson. Mail-order items would frequently arrive at the store, which were usually picked up by an old man. One day, Haruto Kaguragi went to the store to retrieve his items. He and Oto instantly recognized one another.[1] A few days later, another employee, Tadashi Maeno, followed Oto home and grabbed her arms. She was protected by Haruto, who kicked Maeno.[2] Maeno was forced to resign from his job by Haruto.[3]

Sometime later, another employee, Konno, started working at Dowson again after a short break.[4] The same night, Haruto suddenly showed up at Dowson. Konno invited him and Oto to eat at her house.[5] Several days later, Haruto visited Dowson to see Oto. Konno then asked them to join her and her boyfriend at the batting cages.[6]




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