Eitoku Academy (英徳学園 (えいとくがくいん) Eitoku Gakuen) is an escalator school located in Yamanote area of Tokyo, Japan. It is an "ultra private" school that primarily caters to upper-class families with a few exceptions, such as Tsukushi Makino.[1] Being an escalator, Eitoku goes from kindergarten to university, meaning a student could receive their entire education there.

Senior High

Eitoku Academy Senior High School (英徳学園高校 (えいとくがくいんこうこう) Eitoku Gakuen Kōkō) is the third level of the Eitoku Academy escalator school. The school is notable for formerly being ruled by a clique called F4, which consisted of Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka.[1] After the F4 graduated, the school became less popular as many students began to attend the up-and-coming Momonozono Academy.[2]



Correct 5


The Correct 5

"Eitoku Academy doesn't need commoners. Those who can't donate will be emoved. There are no exceptions."
Haruto Kaguragi[src]

The high school division suffered from a twenty percent decrease in applicants after the F4's graduation. A new school, Momonozono Academy emerged as the Eitoku's rival, gaining an eighteen percent increase in applicants. The decrease had a huge impact on the school's finances with few funds for repairs. Some students who took the entrance exam decided not to enroll, though some still enroll because of the F4's legacy. To combat the school's failing reputation, Haruto Kaguragi, an admirer of Tsukasa, formed the Correct 5. Him and the other members, namely Kaito Taira, Sugimaru Eibi, Airi Maya, and Issa Narumiya conducted "peasant hunts". They forced the poor students, who could no longer pay donations or tuition, to withdraw.[2]

A popular model, Megumi "Megurin" Nishidome transferred to Eitoku in order to get closer to Haruto. Her transfer was beneficial to Eitoku. The school saw a twenty percent increase in transfer applicants within a day.[3] After Megumi transferred to Eitoku, the school witnessed a new trend called "Eitoku Hunting". Over fifteen students from Eitoku were threatened and covered in yellow paint by unknown assailants. The school's gates were later vandalized.[4] One student commented that "Eitoku is no longer what it once was when the F4 were here." Another student, Oto Edogawa was annoyed by the others apathetic attitudes and began cleaning up the graffiti. The Correct 5 and others soon followed suit.[5]


Eitoku Academy University (英徳学園大学 (えいとくがくいんだいがく) Eitoku Gakuen Daigaku)[6] is the fourth level of an escalator school, located near the high school division in Yamanote, Tokyo. The F4, except Tsukasa, and Tsukushi enrolled in Eitoku University after graduating from the high school division.



Senior High




* - indicates that this student dropped out of Eitoku Senior High.
^ - Tsukasa graduated from Eitoku Senior High, before going to college in New York.

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