"Declaration of war! The thing which is absolutely more important than money"
Episode information
Series Hana Yori Dango
Episode 1
Airdate October 21, 2005
Teleplay Yuki Fujimoto
Animation director
Production Yasuharu Ishii
Preceded by
Followed by "The worst first kiss!!"
Tsukushi: "Don't be so full of it! [...] I will never run away! I declare war! Come on, anytime, anywhere!"
Tsubaki: "[Flashback] Tsukasa? Don't be so full of it!"
Tsukushi punches Tsukasa, reminding him of his sister.

"Declaration of war!! The thing which is absolutely more important than money" (宣戦布告!!お金より絶対に大切なモノ () Sensen fukoku!! Okane yori zettai ni taisetsuna mono) is the first episode of the Japanese drama adaptation of Boys Over Flowers. The episode originally aired on October 21, 2005.[1]

Tsukushi Makino attends the elite Eitoku Academy, where the F4's word is law. She becomes enemies with the leader, Tsukasa Domyoji after standing up for her friend. However, Tsukasa takes extreme measures to get his revenge on Tsukushi.



The red notice

Tsukushi Makino goes to school at the predominantly upper-class Eitoku Academy. Another student, Takayuki Kimoto receives a red notice from the F4. The student body corners Kimoto into the cafeteria as the F4 arrive. The F4's leader, Tsukasa Domyoji beats up Kimoto as well as Kimoto's friend. Tsukushi is noticeably upset and runs to the school's fire escape to yell out her frustrations, not noticing Rui Hanazawa.

At work, Tsukushi talks about the F4 with her good friend, Yuki Matsuoka. Yuki reminiscences about how Tsukushi use to protect her from bullies, and wonders why Tsukushi does not stand up to the F4. Tsukushi goes home to have dinner with her family, who all encourage her to stay at Eitoku. Tsukushi recalls a speech Shizuka Todo gave, which became the reason Tsukushi wanted to attend the school.

The next day at school, Tsukushi is eating lunch, when she spots some guys harassing Sakurako Sanjo. She calls Sakurako over to her table. The two are having a nice time, until Sakurako bumps into Tsukasa accidently spilling juice on him. Tsukasa becomes extremely angry, eventually causing Tsukushi to tell him to "stop". He does so by giving Tsukushi a red notice, instead of Sakurako, who avoids Tsukushi as soon as the bullying begins. Tsukushi, upset by Sakurako and the bullying, runs to the stairwell again. Rui Hanazawa asks her to stop coming to the fire escape, although he notices her state and leaves her be.

Tsukasa Domyoji feeling that Tsukushi has defied him, tortures some students for not handling her. The next day, Tsukushi opens her locker to find live snakes. Three boys grab her and attempt to assault her in the science lab. Rui Hanazawa happens to be there and rescues her, though he tells her not to "misunderstand" him. Tsukasa learns of Rui's involvement as his mother, Kaede Domyoji arrives.

A contrast between Tsukasa's relationship with his mother and Tsukushi's loving family is shown as both families eat dinner. Later Tsukushi discovers her parents making her bento by sacrificing some of their own food. At lunch the next day, Tsukushi is enjoying the food her family prepared for her, before Tsukasa destroys it. Deeply upset, Tsukushi punches Tsukasa and openly declares war on him. Tsukushi is happy about finally standing up to him, however things are not so bright as a group of men abduct her, and the culprit appears to be Tsukasa Domyoji.

Cast and characters

Character Actor Notes
Akira Mimasaka Tsuyoshi Abe (First appearance)
Chieko Makino Mako Ishino (First appearance)
Erika Ayuhara Aki Fukada (First appearance)
Haruo Makino Susumu Kobayashi (First appearance)
Kaede Domyoji Mariko Kaga (First appearance)
Minako Yamano Emiko Matsuoka (First appearance)
Nishida David Ito (First appearance)
Rui Hanazawa Shun Oguri (First appearance)
Sachiyo Sengoku Takako Kato (First appearance)
Sakurako Sanjo Megumi Sato (First appearance)
Shizuka Todo Mayumi Sada (Appears in flashback(s))
Sojiro Nishikado Shota Matsuda (First appearance)
Susumu Makino Satoshi Tomiura (First appearance)
Tsukasa Domyoji Jun Matsumoto (First appearance)
Tsukushi Makino Mao Inoue (First appearance)
Yuki Matsuoka Aki Nishihara (First appearance)
Yuriko Asai Saki Seto (First appearance)


Guest roles[2]

  • Haruhi Mizukuro (young Tsukushi)
  • Hina Matsuoka (young Tsukushi)
  • Marin Saida (young Yuki)
  • Michiko Kichise (Akira's lover)
  • Kazuma Sano (Takayuki Kimoto)
  • Rika Inoue (young Yuki)
  • Tomoharu Hasegawa (Class 2-C teacher)


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Kanto Kansai
18.3% 14.5%


  • This episode shares the title "Declaration of War!" (宣戦布告 () ) with the first episode of the anime, though the drama's title is longer.
  • In this version, Shizuka Todo inspires Tsukushi to attend Eitoku, instead of her family forcing her to go.
  • Makiko Endo's character is replaced with Sakurako's. Instead of falling on Tsukasa, Sakurako bumps into him accidentally spilling some juice.
  • Sojiro uses the saying "Ichi-go ichi-e" (一期一会 () , lit. "one time, one meeting"), which is a reference to his special story in the manga.


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