"Tears! Goodbye to the person I like"
Episode information
Series Hana Yori Dango
Episode 3
Airdate November 4, 2005
Teleplay Satake Mikio
Animation director
Production Osamu Katayama
Preceded by "The worst first kiss!!"
Followed by "First time coming home in the morning!?"
Tsukushi: "Are you stupid?! Go after her! If you love her, you should chase after her anywhere! Are you satisfied with just watching her in the shadows? And you call yourself a man?"
Rui: "I'm going too."
— Rui decides to follow Shizuka to France.

"Tears!! Goodbye to the person I like" (涙!!サヨナラ大好きなヒト Namida!! Sayonara daisukina hito) is the third episode of the Japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango. It first aired on November 4, 2005 on TBS in Japan.[1]

Tsukasa Domyoji's sister, Tsubaki returns from Los Angeles. While, Rui Hanazawa's first love, Shizuka Todo makes plans to go back to France. At the airport, Tsukushi Makino encourages Rui to follow his love and Tsukasa asks Tsukushi on a date.


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Cast and characters

Character Actor Notes
Akira Mimasaka Tsuyoshi Abe
Chieko Makino Mako Ishino
Erika Ayuhara Aki Fukada
Haruo Makino Susumu Kobayashi
Kaede Domyoji Mariko Kaga
Minako Yamano Emiko Matsuoka
Nishida David Ito
Rui Hanazawa Shun Oguri
Sachiyo Sengoku Takako Kato
Sakurako Sanjo Megumi Sato
Shizuka Todo Mayumi Sada
Sojiro Nishikado Shota Matsuda
Susumu Makino Satoshi Tomiura
Tsubaki Domyoji Nanako Matsushima (First appearance)
Tsukasa Domyoji Jun Matsumoto
Tsukushi Makino Mao Inoue
Yuki Matsuoka Aki Nishihara
Yuriko Asai Saki Seto


Video Research Ltd.
Kanto Kansai
20.5% 19.7%


  • This episode is the first to credit Satake Mikio as the screenwriter. He would go on to write the screenplays for several more Hana Yori Dango episodes, all eleven episodes of Hana Yori Dango Returns, and Hana Yori Dango Final.
  • Sojiro uses the saying, "ichi-go ichi-e" (一期一会 () lit. "Once in a lifetime") again, referring to Tsukasa coincidentally seeing Tsukushi walk by on the street.
  • The phrase "senzai ichiguu" (せんざいいちぐう () lit. "golden opportunity") is used by Chieko Makino, while they are helping Susumu study. Alternatively, the phrase can mean "chance of a lifetime" or "a once in a lifetime chance".[2][3]
  • Tsubaki quotes "When you love you wish to do things for. You wish to sacrifice for. You wish to serve." from Ernest Hemingway's Farewell to Arms (chapter 11, page 72).
  • Tsubaki also uses the phrase "isogaba maware" (急がば 回れ () lit. "more haste, less speed"). Tsukasa later takes the quote literally by going around the table, while asking Tsukushi out. The saying can also mean "slow and steady wins the race" in English.[4]
  • Tsukasa uses the wrong kanji spelling Kazu ( () ), instead of Rui ( () ).
  • The running gag of Okami-san's former lovers continues with "Tiger Mask", a masked pro-wrestler. The name "Tiger Mask" originates from the 1968 manga, Tiger Mask. Later Yuki and Tsukushi win an action figure of "Tiger Mask", whose mask hides a soft, caring face.


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