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Yuriko: "You know we spent a lot of time and money to be the perfect female counterparts for F4. We're on a totally different level than you are."
Erika: "Why are you at our school anyways?"
Minako: "If you aren't rich, you should just quit!"
— Erika, Yuriko, and Minako to Tsukushi[src]

Erika Ayuhara (鮎原 えりか (あゆはら えりか) Ayuhara Erika) was a member of the Lilies with Yuriko Asai and Minako Yamano. She was a student at Eitoku Academy. Erika and her friends often bullied Tsukushi Makino.


High school

In high school, Erika was in Class 2-C with her best friends, Yuriko Asai and Minako Yamano. Tsukushi Makino and Sakurako Sanjo were also in the same class. When Tsukushi received a red card, Erika and her friends joined in on the bullying with the other students.[1] Later, they graffitied the cafeteria, calling Tsukushi a "slut", though she did not know at the time. The day after Sakurako got a red card, Erika, Yuriko, and Minako had the graffiti cleaned and suddenly acted nice toward Tsukushi. They invited to Shizuka Todo's homecoming, where they embarrassed her for wearing casual clothes. After they poured their drinks on Tsukushi, Rui Hanazawa and Shizuka came to her rescue. Shizuka sprayed champagne on the girls, causing them to fall into the pool.[2]

Erika and her friends told Tsukushi that "there's no one left to side with the poor", after Rui and Tsubaki Domyoji left Japan. Tsukasa Domyoji forced them to leave Tsukushi alone. The girls were then shocked and horrified to hear him ask her out.[3] They later became jealous of Tsukushi when everyone believed she was dating Tsukasa. Erika and her friends refused to be nicer to her. A few days later, they confronted Tsukushi when photos of her and an unknown guy were posted around school.[4] After showing the pictures to Tsukasa, they provoked the others students to beat her up. A few days later, Erika discovered an old yearbook with Sakurako Sanjo. Erika and her friends made fun of her until Tsukushi defended Sakurako.[5]

They were surprised and happy to see Rui return from France. The girls gloated in front of Tsukushi, when he invited them to hang out. Tsukasa quickly put a stop to their excitement, telling them that "it was a joke".[6] Later, the Lilies became upset at Tsukushi for causing the F4 to split up.[7] The girls were also happy when Tsukushi submitted a leave of absence.[8] Erika and Minako later cheered for Yuriko during the Teen of Japan competition. When Yuriko was eliminated, the girls tried to sabotage Tsukushi by ripping her clothing. Their actions accidentally helped Tsukushi. Afterwards, they apologized to Tsukushi, telling her that they were "touched" by her performance.[9]

Physical appearance

Erika was of a similar height and build to her friends, Yuriko and Minako. Her face and dark brown eyes were round. She typically wore her brown hair in a ponytail with hair accessories.

Personality and traits

Like Yuriko and Minako, Erika was extremely vain and snobby. They were jealous Tsukushi because of the attention she got from the F4. The trio also disliked her for being poor and often made pointed comments about it. Erika and her friends had a habit of saying certain words in a high-pitched voice.

Behind the scenes

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