Gu Jun-pyo

Gu Jun-pyo (구준표) is the leader of the F4 and a student at Shinhwa High School. After graduating, he took over the Shinhwa Group and eventually became Geum Jan-di's fiance.  


Physical appearance

Jun-pyo's most distinguishing feature is his dark, curly hair. The only instance in the entire drama when he had his hair purposely straightened was when he was trying to match Jan-di's expectations; it took his stylist more than two hours to achieve this[1]. Jun-pyo is also F4's tallest member, and the most muscular.

Though he occassionally wears more casual outfits, the majority of Jun-pyo's wardrobe consists of dark-colored suits. They are often paired with fur accessories, black loafers, and the wristwatch he always wears on his left arm.

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

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  • Gu Jun-pyo is played by Lee Min-ho in the Korean Boys Over Flowers adaptation.
  • According to Min-ho, he managed to secure the role after showing up at the second and third auditions with his hair curled[2]
  • His character is parodied in the Banana Split sketch, "Boys Over Acting". Zanjoe Marudo portrayed him in the parody, and wore a wig to exaggerate Gu Jun-pyo's curly hair.



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