Guiseppe: "I had a fight with Viola today."
Rui: "Viola? Is she the girl you like?"
Guiseppe: "I don't like her! Not her! I'm always nice to her. But she's so full of herself. She makes me mad. Why are you laughing?"
Rui: " I'm sorry. You're just like my friend who's coming today."
— Guiseppe reminds Rui of Tsukasa Domyoji[src]

Guiseppe is the son of a gardener, who works at Rui Hanazawa's mansion in Tuscany, Italy. He has a crush on his friend Viola, though he refused to admit it.[1]


Guiseppe met Rui Hanazawa presumably while roaming around Rui's villa in Tuscany. They often converse about different topics together. Sometimes Rui slipped into Japanese, which Guiseppe does not understand. Guiseppe also has a female friend, Viola, who he often fights with.[1]

Physical appearance

Guiseppe is an Italian child with short, curly hair, which he covers with a hat. He looks similar to Tsukasa Domyoji as a child.

Personality and traits

He has a friendly, amiable personality, when talking to Rui. However, he showed a stubborn side during his conversation about Viola. In this aspect, Rui remarked to Guiseppe that he is "just like my friend [Tsukasa]".[1]

Behind the scenes



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