Haruo Makino (牧野 晴男 (まきの はるお) Makino Haruo) was the husband of Chieko, and the father of Tsukushi and Susumu Makino.[2]


Early life

At a young age, Haruo often earned money by selling his blood at the hospital. He eventually fainted and was hospitalized from giving too much blood.[3] Haruo married Chieko and honeymooned in Atami.[4] They had two children, Tsukushi and Susumu.


Physical appearance

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

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  • He first appears in chapter two, but had a brief appearance during a flashback in chapter one.
  • Haruo is voiced by Nobuaki Suzuki in the Boys Over Flowers anime. His first name in the anime was Yasukichi (泰吉 () ).




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