Haruo Makino (牧野 晴男 (まきの はるお) Makino Haruo) was the husband of Chieko, and the father of Tsukushi and Susumu Makino.[2]


Early life

At a young age, Haruo often earned money by selling his blood at the hospital. He eventually fainted and was hospitalized from giving too much blood.[3] Haruo married Chieko and honeymooned in Atami.[4] They had two children, Tsukushi and Susumu.

Tsukushi at Eitoku

Haruo's wife forced their daughter to begin attending the affluent Eitoku Academy, despite Tsukushi's protests. Chieko wanted her daughter to be successful, unlike Haruo, who she said "[was] slow to get promoted."[5]

Physical appearance

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

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