Haruto Kaguragi
Character information
Name in Japanese 神楽木 晴
Name in Chinese
Name in Hangul
Romanization Kaguragi Haruto
Nicknames Haruchin (ハルチン)[1]
Gender Male
Age 17[2]
Born August 5[2]
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Grey
Education Eitoku Academy
Affiliations Kaguragi Enterprises
Correct 5
Haruto: "Ever since you rescued me two years ago, I've looked up to you. Um...even if the F4 are no longer here...I-I'll give it my all."
Tsukasa: "Right. I leave it in your hands. Eitoku Academy"
— Haruto formed the Correct 5 soon afterward.[src]

Haruto Kaguragi (神楽木 晴 (かぐらぎ はると) Kaguragi Haruto) is the leader of Correct 5 and the heir to Kaguragi Enterprises. His hero is the F4's leader, Tsukasa Domyoji. Haruto currently attends Eitoku Senior High and wishes to restore it back to its former glory.[3]


Early life

Haruto was born into the wealthy Kaguragi family.[3] He began attending Eitoku Academy from a young age, and became friends with Airi Maya in elementary school. During a school field trip, he gained Airi's respect by carrying her for two hours to the destination.[4] Around this time, they ran away together to an abandoned factory. While there, Airi confessed her feelings for him, though he did not realize the meaning until years later.[5][6]

In middle school, Haruto was bullied by older students and had his allowance taken away often. One day, Tsukasa Domyoji saved Haruto from some bullies and called him "pathetic". Haruto began training to be strong, after that incident. The day before Tsukasa left for America, Haruto promised to take care of Eitoku for him.[3] He went on to form the Correct 5 sometime after.

High School

"On the honor of these black jackets and the Correct 5 name we've got to get rid of those paupers that can't provide the school with donations."
—Haruto forms the Correct 5 with this goal in mind.[src]

He started attending Eitoku Senior High with fellow Correct 5 members, Kaito Taira, Issa Narumiya, Sugimaru Eibi, and Airi Maya. In high school, Haruto began to realize the dropping applicant rate of the school. To counteract the problem, the Correct 5 orchestrate "peasant hunts" on students, who cannot pay tuition or donations.[3] Haruto is usually the person to confront the students during such "hunts".[7]

One day by coincidence, Oto Edogawa saw him at her part-time job buying strange, mail-order items. Horrified that someone else knew his secret, Haruto believed that Oto would tell, not realizing that he also learned her secret (her part-time job). He attempted to silence her several times, first with threats[3] and later seduction per Issa's suggestion. The plan did not work and ended up with Oto actually feeling insulted.[8] The same day, Haruto began obsessing over Oto's demise and started following her around. Watching her walking home, Haruto saw her co-worker and saved her from him, when the man attacked her.[9] Oto initially rejected his help, causing him to become deeply upset and later frozen, when she thanked him.[10]

Haruto later forced Oto's co-worker to quit and also asked her out to eat pancakes, which she agreed to in order to pay the debt she owed him from before.[7] He took her to the pancake shop that he had bought the day before, so they would not have to wait in line. During their conversation, Haruto was mistakenly led to believe that Oto also admired the F4. He brought her on a "pilgrimage" to each of the F4's houses, and lastly walking up a hill to Tsukasa Domyoji's mansion. Oto explained that her reason for attending Eitoku is her betrothal and not the F4.[11] Haruto, being upset, lashed out and insulted Oto. Later, he visited Sugimaru, who told him about Momonozono Academy's student president Tenma Hase. Kaito arrived at Haruto's house and informed that Hase is Oto's boyfriend and that Haruto may be experiencing love.[12]

Later, Haruto and Sugimaru decided to infiltrate Momonozono. They were quickly found out, though Tenma Hase saved them from being pummeled. After talking to Hase, Haruto wanders over to Oto's workplace and asks her "won't I do?"[13] Oto's co-worker, Konno interrupted them before Oto could answer. Haruto collapses from an empty stomach, prompting Konno to invite the two over to her apartment. The three eat a chicken meal prepared by Oto.[14]

"I upon the honor of the F4 tried to protect Eitoku. Exceptions are not allowed. Peasants will be forced out. This is the role of the Correct 5. I know that! But...! I just can't take out Edogawa!"
—Haruto finds himself unable to force Oto to quit.[src]

The following day, Airi revealed to the whole school that Oto was a "peasant", though Oto believed that Haruto was the culprit.[4] Haruto was upset at Airi, but realized that as the Correct 5's leader, he had to conduct a "peasant hunt" on Oto.[15] He hesitated when the time came and ultimately did not have to force Oto to quit. She was hurt by some students, when Airi gave out a red notice.[16] Haruto became depressed, after Tenma saved Oto. Later, Haruto met Rui Hanazawa, who helped Haruto realize what is important. Haruto went to visit Oto at the hospital,[17] and the two make up. He also forgave Airi for her involvement in the incident.[18]

Physical appearance

Haruto has wavy, almost black hair, and light grey-color eyes. He is 5'9" and desires to be taller by at least four more inches. In the past, he has trained to improve his small build.[3][2]

Personality and traits

He has a complex about his height and strength, stemming from his admiration of Domyoji and the promise he made to him. Despite hesitating, he has been shown to rise up to a fight, showing true strength.[3] Haruto's body now rejects chicken breast after he ate so much, while training his body to become strong.[14] In contrast, his friend Sugimaru can eat up to four pounds of it a day.[2] He feels a bit inferior compared to Tenma Hase, once he learned that he is Oto's fiancé.[14]

Two of his hobbies include buying mail-order items and power stones, such a device that stretches you while you are asleep and a "calming amethyst". His other hobbie is collecting F4 goods, particularly those related to Tsukasa Domyoji.[3][17][2] He also follows his daily horoscope, going as far as wearing the day's "lucky item".[11]

Behind the scenes


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