"If someone at our academy is ever harassed, they'll be protected. I only did what was expected. So stop making such a big deal about it."

Haruto Kaguragi (神楽木 晴 (かぐらぎ はると) Kaguragi Haruto) was the leader of Correct 5 and the heir to Kaguragi Enterprises. His hero was the F4's leader, Tsukasa Domyoji. Haruto attended Eitoku Senior High with his friends, Kaito Taira, Sugimaru Eibi, Issa Narumiya, and Airi Maya.


Early life

Haruto was born into the rich Kaguragi family. He was also the heir to Kaguragi Enterprises.[3] He began attending Eitoku Academy as a young child and became friends with Airi Maya in elementary school. During a school field trip, he gained Airi's respect by carrying her for two hours to the destination.[4] They later ran away together from home to an abandoned factory. Airi confessed her feelings for him, though he did not realize it at the time.[5][6]

In middle school, Haruto was bullied by older students, who would take away his allowance. One day, Tsukasa Domyoji saved Haruto from them, but called him "pathetic" for not protecting himself. Haruto began training to become strong from that on. Two years later, before Tsukasa left for America, Haruto promised to take care of Eitoku for him.[3]

High School

After forming the Correct 5, he started attending Eitoku Senior High with the other members, Kaito Taira, Issa Narumiya, Sugimaru Eibi, and Airi. Haruto created the Correct 5 in order to combat Eitoku's failing reputation. The Correct 5 would hold "peasant hunts", meaning they forced the poor students to withdraw from the school.[3]

Meeting Oto


Haruto surprises himself by saving Oto

"He and that Tsukushi Makino... Why would he go and choose such a common woman? I cannot accept it. There's no way I care the least bit about that girl! That girl hit my face with a piece of meat! Making her quit the academy is not enough! I'm going to making her suffer for that!"
—Haruto is livid about Oto hitting him[src]

Haruto first met Oto, when she accidentally ran in front of his car. Later that day, Haruto's butler Kobayashi injured his back, before retrieving Haruto's mail-order items. Haruto decided to go to the convenience store by himself to pick-up the items. Oto instantly recognized Haruto. He worried that Oto would reveal his mail-order item obsession. In the morning, Haruto told Oto to "get out". They then noticed a female student being bothered by two guys. Oto called him "pathetic" for not helping her. The word reminded Haruto of his vow to Tsukasa about protecting Eitoku. Haruto finally stepped in and punched one of the guys as the other students cheered. However, he could not enjoy the moment for long, since Oto threatened to tell his secret, if he kicked her out of school.[3]

The next day, Haruto was happy about the attention he was receiving, but was still worried about Oto. He consulted the Correct 5 about what to do. Issa suggested for him to make Oto his girlfriend. Haruto went with his plan and asked Oto to a barbecue at his home. The party did not go as he planned and ended with Oto slapping him with a "hunk of beef".[7] Before leaving, Oto called him "the worst", deeply angering Haruto. He spied on her at work, where he saw her co-worker follow her home. Haruto saved her by kicking him in the back.[8] Flustered by his own actions, Haruto admitted to following her. She called him "creepy", which caused him to become depressed. Later that night, a maid informed that someone was waiting for him at the gate. It was Oto, who thanked him for saving her.[9]

Haruto forced Oto's co-worker to quit, after the incident. At school, Haruto told Oto about it and coaxed her into thanking him. He then asked her out to eat pancakes, having overheard her conversation with her friends.[10] They met up the following Sunday. He had bought the pancake shop earlier, so they would not have to wait in line. Haruto asked her about her reasons for staying at Eitoku and assumed it was because of the F4. He took her on a "pilgrimage" to the F4's houses. At Tsukasa Domyoji's home, they were invited inside by Tama. Oto took that moment to explain that her real reason for staying at Eitoku was her fiancé.[11]

Physical appearance

Haruto was not overly handsome, but had pleasant, symmetrical features. He had wavy, almost black hair, which he later had cut shorter. Haruto was 176 centimeters tall and weighed about 60 kilograms. He previously desired to be four inches taller. In the past, he worked out to improve his small build.

Personality and traits

Haruto was a dedicated person with good intentions. His upbringing made him somewhat selfish as well as naive to the outside world. He admired Tsukasa Domyoji and the other members of the F4. Haruto had a complex about his height and strength, both of which he previously lacked. He also felt inferior compared to Tenma Hase, who had many of the qualities Haruto strove toward and him being Oto's fiancé.

His favorite hobby was buying mail-order items, which he would have delivered at the convenience store to keep it a secret. He also collected power stones and F4-related goods, particularly those pertaining to Tsukasa Domyoji. Haruto often consulted his daily horoscope.

Behind the scenes

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