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Hua Ze Lei (Chinese: 花澤 類; pinyin: Huā Zé Lèi) was a student at Ying De University. He was a member of the F4, with his friends Dao Ming Si, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo.


Early life

Hua Ze Lei grew up in a wealthy family. In kindergarten, he became friends with Dao Ming Si, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who were also heirs to large fortunes. He had trouble in social situations and often sat in the corner, while the others played. Teng Tang Jing helped bring him out of his shell and his social skills improved. [3]


Lei and his friends had formed the F4 by the time they enrolled at Ying De University. As a group, they ruled the school and were allowed to do anything they wanted. Those who stood up to them were given a red notice and bullied by the other students. Lei typically seemed bored by it and usually did not get involved with the red notices.[4]

Meeting Shan Cai


The F4 greet Jing

"When I was a kid, a friend told me you could stop your tears from flowing if you stand upside down. Do a handstand when you want to cry."
—Lei repeats Jing's advice to Shan Cai.[src]

Lei first became acquainted with Dong Shan Cai, when she angered Si by standing up for her friend. Lei attempted to remain uninvolved with her, but later saved Shan Cai from two men, who were attempting to assault her. He attempted to brush off the incident, before comforting her when she began to cry.[4] In the meantime, Lei was anxiously awaiting Jing's return from France. He was overjoyed at her arrival, but became moody around her. The next day, Lei saved Shan Cai from being bullied, which infuriated Si.[3]

He went on a cruise around Taiwan on Si's ship, though he was still mad at Lei. That night, he danced with Shan Cai, who described it as like a "dream". Lei later became enraged at Jing, when she insinuated that he might have feelings for Shan Cai. He then kissed Jing, but stopped when she offered no resistance.[5] At Jing's twenty-fourth birthday, she announced her plan to return to France. Shan Cai questioned Lei on whether he was "going to let her go". At the airport, Lei does not say goodbye to Jing. Instead, Lei waited for her leave, before revealing to his friends that he was going after her.[6]

Return to Taiwan


Shan Cai and Lei on their date

"I've finally understand why Si is in love with you. I do not know exactly how I feel towards you. Xi Men and Mei Zuo said I was making you a substitute for Jing. Perhaps I did think you could make me forget Jing. Had I not came back, you and Si might have had a fruitful relationship. I'm sorry."
—Lei to Shan Cai, after the basketball match[src]

In France, Lei and Jing date for awhile. However, Jing became busy with school and her job, making her unable to spend time with Lei. He eventually returned to Taiwan, despite still loving Jing. After his return, he began acting flirty with women, including Shan Cai. Lei later joined the F4 and Shan Cai on a trip to Okinawa. The first night, Lei was at the beach, when Shan Cai coincidentally found him. She went back to the beach the next night, and Lei kissed her. Si saw them and punched Lei. Back in Taiwan, Si officially kicked him out of the F4. Lei later asked Shan Cai on a date. That Sunday, Lei and Shan Cai walked around and flew kites.[7]

At school, Si replaced Lei with Chen Qing He and vowed to expel Lei and Shan Cai within a week. Si's sister, Dao Ming Feng offered a solution to the group. Everyone agreed to a basketball match with two teams of three and the winner decides what happens to the loser. Lei's team got off to a weak start, but they came close to winning. At the last second, Si quit the game and wandered off. The rest of the game participants went to his house to celebrate. Xi Men and Mei Zuo later locked Lei and Shan Cai in the guest room. They spent the whole night talking. The next morning, he told Xi Men and Mei Zuo that he could not betray Si.[8]

Before Si left for New York, Lei told him that Shan Cai actually liked Si. Si returned within two days and the F4 went to greet him. They waited at his home, before Lei pointed out that he probably went to visit "someone important" to him. The next day, Si chastised Lei for waiting to the last second to tell him about Shan Cai. After Si and Shan Cai had a fight, Lei encouraged him to apologize and tried to get her to listen to Si.[9]

Physical appearance

Lei, like his F4 members, was generally considered good-looking. He had brown hair that ended about an inch above his collar, while his bangs almost covered his eyes.

Personality and traits

As a child, Lei was extremely quiet and introverted to a point that Xi Men described as "autistic". Lei gradually grew better and was able to develop social skills through the help of Jing. In college, Lei was still an introvert and slept up to fifteen hours a day. He also retained a small group of friends, only adding Shan Cai to the mix.

Behind the scenes

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