Issa Narumiya
Character information
Name in Japanese 成宮 一茶
Name in Chinese
Name in Hangul
Romanization Narumiya Issa
Gender Male
Age 17[1]
Born September 9[1]
Hair color
Eye color
Family Unnamed (grandfather)
Education Eitoku Academy
Affiliations Correct 5

Issa Narumiya (成宮 一茶 (なるみや いっさ) Narumiya Issa) is the playboy member of the Correct 5. He currently attends Eitoku Senior High. Once a month he gives a flower arranging demonstration, which his family is famous for.[2]


Early life

Issa was born a descendant to the "Narumiya Style of Flower Arrangement" (成宮流華道 () ). He has a gift for the art, which was handed down to him by his grandfather, known as a "national treasure".[2]

High school

He joined the Correct 5 two years prior[3] and began attending Eitoku Senior High sometime after. He participates in Correct 5's "peasant hunts", but never talks during them.[4]

Issa made the suggestion to Haruto Kaguragi about dating Oto Edogawa, after he learned Haruto was afraid of blackmail.[5] He later recognized Oto, when Airi Maya made those posters about Oto being a commoner.[6] Issa was also in a hurry to get Oto's peasant hunt over with and appeared to have guessed Haruto's feelings towards her.[3] He was not present, when Tenma Hase paid Oto Edogawa's donation for her.[7] Issa later went to Oto's classroom to confirm his recognition and encouraged the other girls to stop bullying her.[8]

The Correct 5 members later went to one of Issa's flower arranging ceremonies at a hotel.[9] Issa had hoped to meet the hotel owner's daughter, Megumi Nishidome there.[10] The next day, Issa and the Correct 5 were surprised to see her at Eitoku, waiting for Haruto.[11]

Physical appearance

"The Correct 5's handsomest member, Issa Narumiya"
—Narrator from "Bonus Story"[src]

Women reportedly find Issa extremely attractive, especially his "down-turned eyes". His hair is short with his bangs swept to the left. Issa also has both of his ears pierced. He is mostly seen wearing the special Correct 5 uniform.

Personality and traits

Similar to Haruto Kaguragi's admiration of Tsukasa Domyoji, Issa admires Sojiro Nishikado of the F4. Besides respecting Sojiro for being the head of his family's school, Issa also strives to be a "ladies' man" on par with Sojiro. He has an exceptional talent for flower arranging, which his family is famous for. His monthly demonstrations draw huge crowds.[10][2] Issa is often shown to be laid-back and may appear indifferent towards the Correct 5's activities,[3] but will become serious if need be.[12]

Behind the scenes


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