"Issa admires Nishikado as the head of his family's school and as a ladies' man, so he says it's insolent to be ranked on par with him."
Airi Maya to Oto

Issa Narumiya (成宮 一茶 (なるみや いっさ) Narumiya Issa) was a member of the Correct 5 with his friends, Haruto Kaguragi, Sugimaru Eibi, Kaito Taira, and Airi Maya. He was a student at Eitoku Senior High. Once a month he held a flower arranging demonstration, which his family was famous for. His role model was the F4's Sojiro Nishikado.


Early life

Issa was born into a family famous for their flower arrangements, specializing in the "Narumiya Style of Flower Arrangement" (成宮流華道 () ). He also had a gift for the art, which he learned from his grandfather, known as a "national treasure" in Japan.[2]

In elementary school, Issa met Haruto Kaguragi, Kaito Taira, Sugimaru Eibi, and Airi Maya.[3]

High school

After joining the Correct 5, Issa and the other members began attending Eitoku Senior High. Spearheaded by Haruto Kaguragi, the group began their "peasant hunts". They would force the poor students to withdrawal.[4]

Oto Edogawa


Issa visits Oto's classroom

"When are we doing it? Looks like your butt's glued to the hair, Haruto... So is that Edogawa girl here yet? If so, then let's get it over with. Haruto?"
—Issa notices Haruto's reluctance to expel Oto[src]

Issa and the other Correct 5 members first met Oto Edogawa, when she ran in front of their by accident.[4] He later suggested to Haruto that he should make Oto his girlfriend, after she blackmailed Haruto. Haruto took Issa's advice, but it ended in a disaster[5] Later, Issa, Kaito Taira, and Sugimaru Eibi discovered fliers that declared that Oto was a "peasant". Issa recognized her as the girl who ran in front of their car.[6] The Correct 5 made the decision to expel Oto from the school. Issa noticed Haruto's hesitance, commenting that his "butt [was] glued to the chair." Haruto then revealed that he could not expel Oto, causing Airi Maya to go do it herself.[7]

Having missed Tenma Hase rescue Oto, Kaito discussed the details to Issa and Sugimaru later.[8] Issa visited Oto's classroom when she returned from the hospital. He was curious about whether Oto was "the girl who ran in front of [their] car" or not. Issa then told Oto's classmates to not to bully her, before leaving.[9] At one of his monthly demonstrations, Issa was surprised that Haruto did not know about Airi's feelings for him. Issa performed an elaborate flower arranging ceremony in front of a large crowd, including his friends and Oto. He was hoping to meet Megumi "Megurin" Nishidome, but did not get a chance.[10]

Enter Megumi


Issa tries flirting with Megumi

Issa: "So? Was Megurin here? The owner's daughter."
Sugimaru: "Megurin? Who's that? Don't know her. Besides, don't you have a girl already?"
— Issa looks around excitedly for Megumi[src]

Issa was disappointed about not meeting Megumi and called the previous day "a waste of effort". At that moment, Megumi approached Eitoku's gates to return Haruto's wallet.[11] He and the other Correct 5 members had a hard time believing that he accidentally ran into in the resort's bath. In Eitoku's Salon, Issa attempted to flirt with her, but she ignored him.[12] Several days later, Issa and Sugimaru were unconcerned that Haruto had been upset for two days, which annoyed Airi. Issa was happy about Megumi's transfer to Eitoku later that day.[13]

The Correct 5 became concerned when Eitoku students were being targeted for "Eitoku hunts". Issa described the situation as "grave".[14] At one point, the school's gates were vandalized. Oto encouraged the others to start cleaning it off. Issa commented that "it [was] bound to happen again," even if they cleaned it.[15] Some days later, Haruto and Megumi were "over". Issa mentioned that Haruto was too "genuine" to fake a relationship with her. Nevertheless, Issa liked that part of Haruto's personality.[16] Later, Haruto revealed that he knew who was attacking Eitoku students. Issa suggested that they "should wait before acting."[17]

Haruto vs. Tenma

Haruto was absent from school for a few days, before Issa called Sugimaru's house and heard that they were in Kyoto. He suspected it had something to do with Sugimaru's family's dojo.[18] Several more days later, he learned that Haruto was training to compete against Tenma at the "Manly Man Festival." Upon hearing this, Issa said "we [are] doomed" and wondered what they were going to do. Airi tried to get him and Kaito to "believe" in Haruto" without much luck.[19]

Physical appearance

Considered the Correct 5's "handsomest" member, women found Issa extremely attractive. His "down-turned eyes" were remarked as one of his "charming points". He had his short, light hair parted toward the left. Issa also had both of his ears pierced.

Personality and traits

Similar to Haruto Kaguragi's admiration of Tsukasa Domyoji, Issa's hero was the F4's Sojiro Nishikado. Issa strived to be a "ladies' man" like Sojiro and admired him "as the head of his family's school". Sugimaru also labeled Issa, "the Academy's biggest flirt". He had an exceptional talent for flower arranging (ikebana), which his family was famous for. His monthly demonstrations drew huge crowds.

Behind the scenes

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