Iwatsuki: "And would this be...your boyfriend?"
Shizuka: "Huh? You mean, Rui? Oh no! Just a childhood friend. He's like my brother."
Iwatsuki: "Oh...I see. You just seem so close."
— Iwatsuki mistakes Rui to be Shizuka's boyfriend.[src]

Iwatsuki was the son of Iwatsuki Hospital's director. He attended college at Eitoku University. Iwatsuki was also an acquaintance of Shizuka Todo.[1]


Iwatsuki, the son of Iwatsuki Hospital's director, possibly grew up well off. He may have begun attending Eitoku Academy in kindergarten or later, because of the escalator aspect of the school.

He attended Eitoku University and somehow became acquainted with Shizuka Todo. Iwatsuki later greeted her in the university's cafeteria, after she returned from France. He also mistakenly thought Rui Hanazawa was her boyfriend.[1]

Physical appearance

Iwatsuki had dark hair and a plain, friendly face. He was seen wearing gray pants and a white polo style shirt with a striped sweater tied around his neck, like a stereotypical rich person.

Behind the scenes




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