Jean P. Mayol[1] (ジャン・P・マイヨール () Jan P Maiyōru) was a French politician and candidate for presidency.[2] He proposed to Shizuka Todo, but was turned down.[3]


Jean P. Mayol was a popular French politician. He later became a candidate for the French presidency. Jean proposed to the Japanese heiress and model, Shizuka Todo. His proposal was widely featured in the French and Japanese tabloids..[2] Shizuka rejected him.[3]

Physical appearance

Jean had likable features, which would probably be considered handsome. He slicked his light hair back with hair gel possibly. In his sole appearance, he was pictured wearing a nice-looking suit and tie.

Behind the scenes



  1. Viz Media translates his name as "Jean P. Mallior", however Hana Yori Dango FF lists the official spelling as "Jean P. Mayol".
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