"I don't care what happens to you. Even talking to you right now is a pain in the butt. So listen up. You may be thinking that being found out by Haruto is a big problem. It's the same for Haruto. No...since he's shouldering the responsibility of rebuilding Eitoku, he's under more pressure. He's afraid you're going to reveal his secret."
—Kaito defends Haruto to Oto Edogawa.[src]

Kaito Taira (平 海斗 (たいら かいと) Taira Kaito) is a member of the Correct 5 attending Eitoku Academy. He keeps data on on all the students at Eitoku by using an app he created. He is close to Haruto Kaguragi, the Correct 5's leader[2]


High school

Kaito joined the Correct 5 two years before[4] and started attending Eitoku Senior High School sometime after. He plays an important role in the Correct 5's "peasant hunts" by serving withdrawal notices to students that no longer pay donations.[2]

The Correct 5's leader, Haruto Kaguragi was caught buying mail-order by another student, Oto Edogawa. Kaito was the only other Correct 5 member to know the full details of the account.[2] To help Haruto, Kaito did some research on Oto, learning that she is a commoner. He became concerned for Haruto, when he followed Oto from work.[5] Though Kaito defended Haruto by telling Oto "not to get the wrong idea" that Haruto is not a stalker.[6]

Airi Maya enlisted his help in learning about a girl she saw outside Haruto's house, which Kaito suspected to be Oto. However, he did not tell Airi his suspicions.[7] After not telling Airi anything, she invited him to her house to report that she had learned the girl's identity on her own. She also told him that Oto is dating Momonozono Academy student president, Tenma Hase. Kaito reported the same information to Haruto, who went into a state of shock.[3]

When Airi revealed Oto financial status to the whole school, Kaito appeared stunned.[8] Although he did not agree with Airi's actions, Kaito knew that they had to do a "peasant hunt" on Oto, after they secret came out.[9] Kaito, along with the other Correct 5 members, dropped the hunt as soon as Tenma Hase paid Oto's donation.[10] Kaito later was unable to reach Airi Maya by phone.[11] After Haruto refused to stay friends with Airi, she disappeared and Kaito went looking for her,[12] eventually enlisting Oto's help.[13]

Kaito was later present at Issa Narumiya's flower arranging ceremony at a hotel with the rest of the Correct 5 and Oto.[14][15] That night, Kaito noticed Haruto was acting weird and was surprised the next day, when Megurin revealed she met Haruto in the hotel's bath.[16]

Physical appearance

Kaito Taira has shoulder-length, blue hair[2] and wire-rimmed glasses. He is seen mostly wearing his Correct 5 uniform.

Personality and traits

""I...I didn't get the wrong idea." That's what I wanted to say to him. But seeing Kaito Taira looking at me as if I were trash with those cold eyes of his...I couldn't"
Oto Edogawa stunned to silence by Kaito.[src]

Kaito can come off as callous towards those he does not know or those he believes are beneath him. He cares about his friends, particularly Haruto.[6] Kaito is also the only other Correct 5 member to know the full details of Haruto's strange hobbies.[2] He is adept on gathering information on people, and invented an app to aid in the process.[5][2]

His personality is described as "neurotic". He cannot stand objects out of place and he always changes into pajamas when going to bed.[1] Kaito also handles "all [the] different personalities" of the Correct 5, which Oto remarks that he has "his hands full".[14]

Behind the scenes

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