"I don't care what happens to you. Even talking to you right now is a pain in the butt. So listen up. You may be thinking that being found out by Haruto is a big problem. It's the same for Haruto. No...since he's shouldering the responsibility of rebuilding Eitoku, he's under more pressure. He's afraid you're going to reveal his secret."
—Kaito defends Haruto to Oto Edogawa.[src]

Kaito Taira (平 海斗 (たいら かいと) Taira Kaito) was a member of the Correct 5. He attended Eitoku Academy with his friends, Haruto Kaguragi, Sugimaru Eibi, Issa Narumiya, and Airi Maya. He created an app with data on every student at the school.


High school

Kaito started attending Eitoku Senior High, after joining Haruto Kaguragi's Correct 5. He acted as Haruto's right-hand man during their "peasant hunts". Kaito handed out the withdrawal notices to the poor students, who no longer paid donations.[2]

Meeting Oto

"Haruto. We're not the F4. We don't have to become them either. As long as we protect Eitoku Academy in our own way, isn't that enough?"
—Kaito Taira to Haruto Kaguragi[src]

The Correct 5 first met Oto Edogawa, after she ran in front of their car. Later that day, Kaito advised him to stop buying mail-order items. He waited in the car, while Haruto went in a convenience store to get his items. Haruto returned in shock, revealing that he was seen by Oto.[2] The next day, the school was "in an uproar", after Haruto protected a student. Haruto asked his friends for advise on how to deal with Oto. Later, Kaito researched Oto, revealing that she was actually poor. He told Haruto to "just kick her out", but he refused since Oto had embarrassed him earlier that day.[3]

Kaito accompanied Haruto, while he was spying on Oto. Haruto saved her from her co-worker, but accidentally told her that he had been following her. Kaito confronted her and told her not to get "the wrong idea" about Haruto. He then took Haruto home.[4] At school, Airi, who saw Oto at Haruto's house, asked Kaito if she knew her. Kaito did not reveal anything to her, but promised to do "some research."[5] A few days later, Airi revealed to him that she learned Oto's identity and her fiance, Tenma Hase. He then went over to Haruto's to tell him about Tenma, which caused Haruto to fall sick.[6] Kaito became suspicious that Haruto was in love with Oto, though he denied it.[7]

He, Issa Narumiya, and Sugimaru Eibi later discovered fliers, denouncing Oto as a "peasant". Kaito immediately guessed correctly that Airi was behind them. She asked about when they were going to make her leave, declaring that "there should be no exceptions."[8] Despite recognizing Airi's actions as "horrid", Kaito told Haruto that they had to expel Oto.[9] Haruto went along with it at first, but hesitated in the moment. Airi then attempted to take hold of the situation. However, Tenma paid Oto's donation.[10] Airi called the money "tainted", though Kaito replied, "money is money."[11]

Physical appearance

Kaito was not conventionally good-looking like Issa. He had shoulder-length hair that framed his oval-shaped face. Kaito was never seen without wire-rimmed glasses. At school, he wore the special Correct 5 uniform.

Personality and traits

Overall, Kaito was an extremely smart and organized person. He created an app that had data on every student at Eitoku. Kaito was also adept at research. Despite being described as neurotic, he was closer to being obsessive-compulsive. He could not stand objects being out-of-place.

He could come off as callous, but he genuinely cared for his friends. Kaito showed a great amount of loyalty to Haruto and Airi during tough times in their life. Oto remarked that he had "his hands full" dealing with "all [the] different personalities" of the Correct 5.

Behind the scenes

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