"Don't be so arrogant! Who cares about the F4?!"
—Kimoto defied the F4[src]

Kimoto (樹本 (きもと) Kimoto) was a student at Eitoku Academy. He received a red card from the F4, which eventually led him to drop out of school.[2]


High school

Kimoto attended Eitoku Senior High and was in class 2-C with Tsukushi Makino. He stood up to the F4, resulting in him receiving a red card shortly after. The student population most likely began to ostracize and/or bully him. After being absent for a number of days, Kimoto decided to leave Eitoku. He briefly returned to retrieve his belongings and never came back again.[2]

Physical appearance

He had a normal face with hair cut just above his ears. Before the bullying, he had a full, healthy face. The incident took a toll on his appearance, which gave him sunken cheeks and heavy bags underneath his eyes.

Personality and traits

Kimoto was a happy and popular student before standing up to the F4. He had courage, since he defied a group everyone else is afraid of. His spirit, however appeared to be defeated as a result of the incident.


The two characters of Kimoto's name 樹本 use the kun'yomi readings. means "trees, wood" and means "book, origin". Both characters share the radical , which means "tree".[3][4]

Behind the scenes

  • Kimoto appears in the first chapter of Boys Over Flowers. He was the first person to receive a red card in the manga, though the F4 presumably gave them out before.
  • A version of him named Ah Shu appears in Meteor Garden (2001). Compared to his later portrayals, Ah Shu and Kimoto have the most similarities. They both have a short flashback sequence and stand up to the F4 in the same way.[5]
  • Kimoto also appears in the first episode of the Hana Yori Dango (2005) drama. In this version, Kimoto is in class 2-A and a flashback depicts him angering Tsukasa Domyoji by eating an orange, which causes juice to fly into the latter's eye. Kimoto receives a red notice, and the whole school corners him into the cafeteria. After Kimoto's friend refuses to help, Tsukasa punches Kimoto and leaves.[6] He is portrayed by Kazuma Sano and given the first name, Takayuki.
  • Another variant appears in the Korean Boys Over Flowers (2009), named Lee Min-ha. The circumstances of the character are also changed in this version.
  • Despite versions of him appearing in all three dramas, he does not appear in the anime.