"Oto, how's Haruchin these days? He's such a riot. Mi-tan wants to hang out with him again."
—Konno asks Oto about Haruto[src]

Konno (紺野 (こんの) Konno) was a part-time employee at Dowson, a convenience store in Tokyo. She worked frequently with Oto Edogawa. Konno lived at an apartment near the store. She is in a relationship with Mi-tan.


Working with Oto

Konno: ""No, not at all," she says. What a weird reply."
Coworker: "What is it, Konno?"
Konno: "Lately, Oto's been really weird."
— Konno notices Oto changing[src]

Konno returned to work at Dowson after a short break.[1] That night, she invited Oto Edogawa and Haruto Kaguragi to her apartment, when he complained of a stomachache. Konno left them alone for a few minutes to go buy drinks. The three of them then sat down to a modest meal, which Oto had cooked.[2] Sometime later, Haruto showed up at the store again. Konno invited him and Oto to go to the batting cages with her and her boyfriend, Mi-tan. Afterwards, they went out to eat monja. Konno and Mi-tan were both amazed by Airi Maya, who arrived shortly later.[3] They were stunned by her cute appearance and her frankness about her childhood.[4]

Several days later, Konno asked Oto about Haruto. Oto replied that "[she] wouldn't know" and that they were not friends. Her answer lead Konno to ask if "something happen[d] between [them]", to which Oto answered loudly "nothing." A few minutes later, she saw Oto looking at a photo of Megumi Nishidome. Konno commented that she was from a "completely different world from [her and Oto]".[5] Two or three days later, Konno teased Oto about looking "cute" and asked her if she was on "a date with Haruchin". Oto simply replied "no, not at all."[6]

Physical appearance

Konno was probably older than Oto, placing her in her late-teens or early-twenties. Konno had curly hair that she always wore up. Her bangs were parted to the right and tucked behind her ear. She was mostly seen in her work uniform. Her regular wardrobe consisted of shorts, t-shirts, and boots.

Personality and traits

She was a considerate and funny person, who had messy tendencies. Her apartment was extremely disorganized, leading Haruto to call it a "pigsty". She appeared unaware that it looked a mess at all. Konno and her boyfriend were kind, if somewhat oblivious. Despite Haruto accidentally insulting them several times, they took no offense nor did they realize he was insulting them.

Behind the scenes

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