Kyoko (京子 (きょうこ) Kyōko) was the best friend of Asami. She atttended Eitoku Senior High. She and Asami were formerly friends of Oto Edogawa.


Kyoko was from a rich family and began attending Eitoku Academy with her friend, Asami.[1] They were placed in Class D, where they befriended Oto Edogawa.[2] The two later invited her to eat pancakes, but she had to refuse.[3]

She and Asami stopped being friends with Oto, after learning that she was poor.[4]

Physical appearance

Kyoko's hair was cut in an a-line bob style, meaning her hair was slightly longer in the front. Her hair was also parted directly in the middle. She and Asami shared similar features, including face and eye shape.

Personality and traits

Kyoko and Asami were generally happy-go-lucky. They were both caring and thoughtful toward Oto, until the learned that she was poor . They felt tricked and immediately began acting callous toward her.

Behind the scenes