Character information
Name in Japanese 京子
Name in Chinese
Name in Hangul
Romanization Kyōko
Gender Female
Hair color
Eye color
Occupations Student
Education Eitoku Academy
Kyoko: "Liar. How dare you deceive us."
Asami: "Yeah, telling us your driver was on vacation."
Oto: "I...I'm sorry."
Kyoko: "Can't even afford to buy pancakes just how poor are you?"
— Kyoko and Asami reject Oto.[src]

Kyoko (京子 Kyōko) is a student at Eitoku Senior High. She is in Class D with her best friend, Asami and former friend, Oto Edogawa.[1]


Kyoko was most likely born to an upper-class family. She began attending Eitoku Academy either before or for her first year of high school.[2] Along with Asami and Oto Edogawa, she was placed in Class D.[1][3]

She and Asami often do things together, including riding home in a limousine[2] and planning to go eat at pancake shops. They would also invite Oto along, who they considered to be a good friend.[4] They felt betrayed after learning that Oto was actually a "commoner" and rejected her.[3] The two still appear to dislike Oto, after the incident.[5]

Physical appearance

Kyoko has an a-line bob hairstyle, making her hair is slightly longer in the front and shorter in the back. She parts her hair directly in the middle. Her friend, Asami looks similar to Kyoko, although the latter's eyes are slightly rounder. She is seen wearing the Eitoku Academy school uniform.

Personality and traits

Kyoko and Asami often act happy-go-lucky, particularly when talking about the Correct 5's, Haruto Kaguragi.[1] She was caring and thoughtful towards Oto, before knowing her financial status.[4] They were callous towards Oto and rejected her, since they possibly felt tricked.[3]

Behind the scenes




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