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Kyoko Hattori (服部 京子 (はっとり きょうこ) Hattori Kyoko) was Asami Kanda's best friend and classmate. They were friends with Oto Edogawa until they found out she was poor.


High school

Kyoko was in Class 2-D at Eitoku Academy with her best friend, Asami Kanda. They were also friends with their classmate, Oto Edogawa.[1] Oto recently began turning down their offers to hang out outside of school. The girls became concerned that something was wrong.[2] Some days later, a school-wide message revealing Oto to be a "peasant" was sent out. Kyoko, in particular, was upset as she felt Oto had been "deceiving" them. The following day, a group of students started to bully Oto. They expected Kyoko and Asami to join in. However, neither of them could bring themselves to do anything but stand there. Later, the girls told Oto that they could not be friends since they were still hurt about her lying to them.[3]

Physical appearance

She had curly, brown hair, which she always wore in a ponytail.

Personality and traits

Kyoko was generally a friendly, nice person, though a bit spoiled due to her background. She was a fan of the C5 and supported their efforts to rid Eitoku of the poor students.

Behind the scenes