Li Zhen

Li Zhen
Character information
Name in Japanese
Name in Chinese 李真
Name in Hangul
Romanization Lǐ Zhēn
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Occupations Student
Education Ying De University

Li Zhen (李真 Lǐ Zhēn) is a friend of Dong Shan Cai and student at Ying De University.



Being from a similar background to Shan Cai, Li Zhen is one of the few students to study seriously at Ying De University. Li Zhen angered the F4's leader Dao Ming Si, after she tripped and accidentally throwing some trash on him. Her apologies were rejected. Her friend, Shan Cai stepped in and defended Li Zhen, transferring the anger to herself. Li Zhen started to avoid Shan Cai, when she received a red notice from the F4.[1]

Physical appearance

She has long, dark hair, which reaches just below her shoulders. Li Zhen wears sensible and comfortable clothing to school.

Personality and traits

Li Zhen is very studious, taking school seriously and reading numerous textbooks just for one class. Along with Shan Cai, Li Zhen appears to be one of Ying De's few middle-class students. The two girls are good friends, however Li Zhen was unable to handle the pressure and began to avoid her, when Shan Cai received a red card. Li Zhen showed some loyalty, when she gave Shan Cai a bear with a voice message that said "I'm sorry".[1]

Behind the scenes


Live-action drama


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