Yuriko: "How do you do? My name's Yuriko Asai, Yuriko as in lily."
Maekawa: "My name's Maekawa. They say that a name tells you a lot about a person. And you are just like a lily."
— Maekawa flirted with Yuriko at a party.[src]

Mawkawa (前川 (まえかわ) ) was a possible heir or president of a company. He was most likely affiliated with the Lionel Group, who hosted a party he attended.[1]


Maekawa was involved with business somehow, possibly being a heir or president of a company. He attended a party hosted by the Lionel Group, where he met Yuriko Asai. Maekawa flirted with her, but fled when Tsukushi Makino caused a scene by pouring champagne on Yuriko.[1]

Physical appearance

He had short hair, a plain face and small nose. Despite his normal appearance, he was most likely rich, so his suit and bow tie were probably expensive.

Behind the scenes


Maekawa in Meteor Garden