This article is about Oto Edogawa's father. For other uses, see Makoto.
"We weren't always rich, so before he became successful, my father used to say that someday he'd have the world in his hands."
Oto Edogawa[src]

Makoto Edogawa (江戸川 誠 (えどがわ まこと) Edogawa Makoto) was the CEO of the bankrupt Edo Quality Cosmetics. He was the father of Oto Edogawa.[1] After bankruptcy, Makoto began working in Kyushu to pay off his debts.[2][3]


He founded Edo Quality Cosmetics by himself around twenty-five years ago.[1] Makoto married his wife and they had a daughter named Oto.

Makoto was successful and the family lived in Paris at one point.[4] However, his business collected several hundred million yen in debt and eventually went bankrupt.[1] In order to pay off his debts,[2] Makoto moved to Kyushu, where he worked for a relative.[3]

Physical appearance

Makoto Edogawa had short hair, which he parted to the side. His eyes drooped slightly, and his eyebrows were short in length. He was only seen wearing a business suit in a professional photo.

Behind the scenes