Hsu Hua Feng (Chinese: 徐華鳳; pinyin: Xú Huá Fèng, November 25, 1970 – December 6, 2011), also known by her English name Mary Hsu, was a Taiwanese actress. She is known for her role as Dao Ming Zhuang in Meteor Garden.


Early life

Hsu was born on November 25, 1970 in Taiwan. In 1989, she placed third in the beauty competition, "Miss Jia Le China" (佳樂中國小姐), during her first year of college. She graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts.


Following the beauty competition, Hsu began hosting a variety show, Cichang 360 (磁場360), in 1990. The same year, she began appearing regularly in Nu Chou Juchang (女丑劇場). Hsu appeared in Raise the Red Lantern, based on the film of the same name, in 1995. She also recorded an album titled If in Heaven (1998).

In 2001, she had a guest role as Dao Ming Zhuang in the hit CTS series, Meteor Garden. Before leaving show business, Hsu's final roles were in My Boyfriend Is a Superstar, Top on the Forbidden City, and Love Contract (all 2004).

Personal life and death

In January 2008, Hsu was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had a full gastrectomy to treat the disease. Hsu underwent several chemotherapy sessions and radioactive treatments, before being declared cancer free. She spoke out about her cancer experience in April 2009.[1] Hsu married Tang Wei (湯偉) in a civil ceremony in January 2009.[2]

After a recurrence of stomach cancer, Hsu's condition deteriorated on December 1, 2011. She died days later on December 6, 2011 at Taichung Veterans General Hospital in Taichung, Taiwan at the age of forty-one.[2][3]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
1990 Youchai Liang Du Lai an Ling
1991 Zuo Lin You She
1992 Qise Qiao Mu Ci Li
1993 Bao Qing Tian Liu Xuan Jiao
Hong Xiu
2 episodes
Huo Yu Fenghuang Li Ling
Yu Dafu de Ai Yu Hen Wang Ying Xia
1994 Shui Yun Jian Xu Su Qing
Xue Lian Xu Ling Yu
Wo de Baba Shi Zhubo
Guike Linmen Li Shuang Shuang
1995 Raise the Red Lantern He Ling Di
The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants Li Yuhou
Qing Ai Hongchen Chu Xiang Ru
Wo Ben Shanliang Ⅱ Su Jing Jing
1996 Taipei Cinderella Fang Yan Ru
Tian Shi Zhongkui Liu Shuang Hong
1997 Tianshi Shi Nanren Chen Yi Ling
Zai Jiao Yi Sheng Baba Wang Jia Hua
Women Yijia Dou Shi Ren Xu Li Hua
Shi Shan Ni
2 episodes
1998 Fuzi Guanxi
Taohua Qing
Qing Jie
2001 Meteor Garden Dao Ming Zhuang
2003 Seventh Grade Xu Pei Qi
Mimosa An Man Yun
2004 Top on the Forbidden City Monica
My Boyfriend Is a Superstar Kang Kai Lin
Love Contract Doris


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