Mary Hsu
Person information
Name in native language
Born November 25, 1970
Death December 6, 2011 (age 41)
Taichung, Taiwan
Occupations Actress
Voice of
Portrayals Dao Ming Zhuang

Hsu Hua Feng (Chinese: 徐華鳳; pinyin: Xú Huá Fèng, November 25, 1970 – December 6, 2011), also known as Mary Hsu, was a Taiwanese actress. She is well known for her role as Dao Ming Zhuang in Meteor Garden.


Early life

Hsu was born on November 25, 1970 in Taiwan. In 1989, she placed second in a Chinese beauty competition and debuted in a variety show in 1990. Hsu appeared regularly on various television shows during the 1990s. In 2001, she portrayed Dao Ming Zhuang in the hit CTS series, Meteor Garden. Hsu also had roles in My Boyfriend Is a Superstar, Top on the Forbidden City, and Love Contract.


Mary Hsu was diagnosed with stomach cancer in January 2008 and had a full gastrectomy to treat the disease. After speaking out about her cancer experience in April 2009, Hsu's condition deteriorated on Decmeber 1, 2011. She died on December 6, 2011 at Taichung Veterans General Hospital in Taichung, Taiwan at the age of forty-one. Hsu was survived by her husband, Tang Wei (湯偉), who she married in a civil ceremony in January 2009.[1][2]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
1993 Shui Yun Jian
1994 Fei Xia a Da
2001 Meteor Garden Dao Ming Zhuang
2003 Seventh Grade Xu Pei Qi
Mimosa An Man Yun
2004 Top on The Forbidden City Monica
My Boyfriend Is a Superstar Qian
Love Contract Doris


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