"As for me, I'm always thinking about Rika. About how she laughed or how she got mad, or cried. I haven't seen her in months, but my memories are so clear. I think I must love her very much."
—Matsutaro waits for Rika's return.[src]

Matsutaro Yoshimatsu (吉松 松太郎 Yoshimatsu Matsutarō) was a surfer[1] and artist from Yokohama. He worked with wire art and hoped to study in Rome, Italy. His girlfriend, Rika broke up with him in a small fishing village, where he waited[2] until she returned.[3]


Matsutaro grew up in Yokohama and attended school there with his future girlfriend, Rika. Having aspirations to be an artist, he applied to an art school and failed. Disappointed by his failure, Matsutaro began working odd-jobs, which frustrated Rika. One day, the two visited a small fishing village, where Rika declared "I can't put up with you any longer" and left him.[1][2]

Physical appearance

Matsutaro had long, dark hair that reaches his shoulders. Tsukushi described him as "tall [and] sort-of good looking".[1]

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes