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Meteor Garden (Chinese: 流星花园; pinyin: Liúxīng Huāyuán) is an upcoming remake of the 2001 series of the same name. It is an adaptation of Yoko Kamio's Boys Over Flowers.[2][3] The series was first announced in April 2017 by Angie Chai, who produced the original Meteor Garden.[4] It was directed by Lin He Long.[5]

The series will star Shen Yue as Dong Shan Cai with Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Connor Leong, and Caesar Wu as the F4.[6] Meteor Garden will premiere on July 9, 2018 on Hunan Television. It airs from Monday to Wednesday at 22:00.[7] The series is licensed by Netflix.[8]

Shan Cai (Yue) is accepted into Ming De University. Her life completely changes when she stands up to the arrogant leader of the F4, Dao Ming Si (Wang).


Eighteen-year-old Dong Shan Cai (Shen Yue) enters into the Nutrition Department of Ming De University, her dream school. One day, Shan Cai's friend Li Zhen accidentally drops a cake on Dao Ming Si (Dylan Wang), leader of the F4. The F4 is talented group of bridge players made up of Si, Hua Ze Lei (Darren Chen), Feng Mei Zuo (Connor Leong), and Xi Men Yan (Caesar Wu). Shan Cai stands up to him for not accepting her friend's apology. Afterwards, Si sends her a Joker card and begins bullying her at school. He later orders food from her family's business and throws it at her, when she calls him a "parasite". Outside, Lei saves Shan Cai from being assaulted by two guys. The events of the last few days finally gets to Shan Cai. At school, she confronts Si by kicking him in the face and declaring that she will not be bullied.[9]

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There are two official cuts of Meteor Garden (2018), the original TV version and the DVD (Netflix) version. This wiki currently goes by the DVD cut as it is more accessible.
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Leong, Wang, Yue, Chen, and Wu at the November press conference

In April 2017, Angie Chai announced the remake of Meteor Garden, which she produced in 2001. Prior to the announcement, Barbie Hsu hinted at the news on her Weibo account.[4] Chai plans on making the remake a "fuller—and flashier–adaptation of the books".[3] The drama is budgeted at 720 million New Taiwan dollars (about US$24 million) with 15 million per episode, which is thirty times higher than the original.[4]

A casting call was announced on social media on June 21, 2017 with a video and the topic, "#FindingF4#".[14] On November 7, 2017, the actors playing the F4 were revealed, namely Dylan Wang (Dao Ming Si), Darren Chen (Hua Ze Lei), Connor Leong (Mei Zuo), and Caesar Wu (Xi Men). They also appeared in Harper's Bazaar China together.[15][16] Shen Yue's role as Dong Shan Cai was unveiled at a press conference in Shanghai on November 9.[6]

Director Xu Fu Xiang was replaced with Lin He Long in February 2018, due to creative differences. Lin previously worked with Angie Chai on Devil Beside You and Corner with Love.[5] In March 2018, the production completed filming in China and began shooting in London, England.[17][18] Filming officially concluded on March 22 and Chai began the post-production process shortly after.[19]


Meteor Garden is broadcast on Hunan Television in China, starting on July 9, 2018. Two episodes air a day from Monday to Wednesday at 22:00. The series is also available on Hunan's streaming service, Mango TV.[20] It was licensed in the Philippines by ABS-CBN, who also aired the original, in November 2017.[21] In Indonesia, SCTV[22] and streaming service Viu has the rights to the show.[23]

Netflix licensed the series globally, except a few countries, including the Philippines.[24] The first six episodes premiered on Netflix on July 13, 2018.[25]


In November 2017, the F4 actors appeared on the cover of Men's Uno Young.[26] Yue joined Wang, Chen, Leong, and Wu on the cover of Elle China's online edition of their February 2018 issue. They filmed an short video for SuperElle in collaboration with Chanel.[27] The F4 actors also appeared in InStyle in February 2018.[28] Promotional photos for the main cast were officially revealed in mid-February on Weibo.[29] The cast of Meteor Garden appeared again in Men's Uno Young! in April.[30]

A trailer and a new poster for Meteor Garden were released on May 24, 2018.[31] Later in May, Yue, Wang, Chen, Wu, and Leong appeared together in the variety show, Happy Camp.[32] The final poster, bearing the July 9th premiere date, was unveiled in late June.[20]


Harlem Yu "Qing Fei De Yi" ("Can't Help Falling for You"), the opening theme of the original Meteor Garden, is featured in the series[33] Penny Tai also rearranged "Ni Yao De Ai" ("The Love You Want"). It previously served as the ending for the original series. Tai performed two different versions for the remake.[34]


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