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Meteor Rain (Chinese: 流星雨; pinyin: Liú Xīng Yǔ) is a side series to the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden.[1] It was partially based on Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio. The drama was directed by Tsai Yueh Hsun and produced by Angie Chai.[2] It aired in late 2001 and early 2002 on CTS. Each episode focused on a different F4 member, excluding Hua Ze Lei.

The series stars Jerry Yan, Ken Chu, Vanness Wu, and Vic Chou as the F4. Rainie Yang reprised her role from Meteor Garden in one episode.[3] It was followed by a sequel, Meteor Garden II in 2002.[4] Meteor Rain was released on DVD in the United States by YA Entertainment.[5]

In the first episode, Mei Zuo (Wu) is pick-pocketed by a Japanese girl. The series' next story follows Xi Men (Chu) as he remembers his first love. Dao Ming Si runs from the police and befriends a father and daughter in the last two episodes.


Mei Zuo's story
Mei Zuo (Vanness Wu) is pick-pocketed by Aisa (Aisa Senda), a Japanese girl searching for her grandmother in Taiwan. Later, Mei Zuo sees Aisa again and threatens to take her to the police. She convinces him not to by making up a lie about a sick relative. After figuring out that she lied, Mei Zuo tracks her down and she finally tells him the truth. He promises to help find her grandmother and later learns that she died, which he does not pass on to Aisa at first. After agreeing to enter a dance contest with her, a builds up the confidence to relate the sad news. The same night, Aisa's mother (Billie Wang) comes from Japan to find her daughter. Aisa dances at the contest with her mother and agrees to return home with her. Before leaving, she briefly kisses Mei Zuo.[6]

Xi Men's story
Xiao You (Rainie Yang) returns from Canada to see Xi Men (Ken Chu). He is happy to see her at first, but acts coldly towards her later that night. She clearly states her feelings to him, which causes him to launch into a story of his first love. In a flashback, Xi Men hangs out with his childhood friend, Xiao Geng (Peien Chien), when he receives a call from another girl. Xiao Geng later asks him to meet her at a certain building at five am. He does not show up and Xiao Geng waits for him at his home to tell him "goodbye". After hearing the story, Xiao You searches buildings every night, until she finds the same one. She brings Xi Men to show him what Xiao Geng wanted him to see. In the distance, the sun's glare allows a billboard to be read as "Xi Men, my love".[7]

Dao Ming Si's story
Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan) badly injures a politician's son in a brawl. He refuses to allow his mother to "fix" the situation and sneaks onto a train. The police catch up with him, so he jumps off the train and hurts his leg. A child, Xin Xin (Peng Xin) finds him passed out on the beach. Her father, Ah Yuan (Qu Zhong Heng) brings him to their house and treats his injured leg. Si wakes up after two days and immediately makes plans to leave. However, Xin Xin, who refuses to talk, mimes that she wants him to stay. Ah Yuan tells him to stay for a few more days. Si quickly becomes close to the father and daughter. One day, Ah Yuan goes to work and reads an article about Si in a newspaper.[8]

Later, Ah Yuan tries to entice Xin Xin to talk. He yells at her, when she nearly lets him drown in the ocean. He then confesses to Si that she is not his real daughter. Ah Yuan saved her from an abusive father about a year earlier, though the law views him as a kidnapper. They go look for Xin Xin, finally finding her in her playhouse. After Ah Yuan apologizes to Xin Xin for yelling, Si walks to town to phone for money to give them. Si is seen by the police, but makes it home. Ah Yuan flees with his daughter, after promising to meet Si later. The police place Si in jail for several days. He is eventually let out and rushes to meet his friends. At the same time, the police find Ah Yuan and take Xin Xin away from him. Si arrives at their house and watches a meteor shower, while waiting.[9]

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  • Original work: Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio
  • Producers: Angie Chai, Jerry Feng, Wu Zhi Qiang
  • Screenplay: Angie Chai, Jerry Feng, Sharon Mao
  • Planning: Yang Jia Yu
  • Director: Tsai Yueh Hsun
  • Executive producer: Wang Chuan Ren
  • Deputy director: Chen Bi Zhen
  • Editing: Wang Zuo Qun
  • Recording: Wan Wan
  • Production: Lu Shu Juan, Yang Yuan Ren, Cao Jing Xiang
  • Cinematography: Lin Qing Fang, Lin Wen Kai
  • Lighting: Wang Li Da


Important Note
There are two different cuts of Meteor Rain. The 4 episode count is believed to be the official version, though a 3 episode cut is also common.
Episode 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

DVD release

Cover Release date Contents
Hong Kong
Meteor-Rain-DVD December 31, 2001[10]
March 21, 2002[11]
Set details
  • 3-disc set (1st release), 2-disc set (2nd release)
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Subtitles: Chinese
Meteor-Rain-Japan February 25, 2005[12]
Set details[13]
  • 3-disc set
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Language: Chinese, Japanese
  • Subtitles: Japanese
  • Running time: 257 minutes
  • Dolby Digital
Special features[14]
  • Hua Ze Lei (Vic Chou) message
  • "Meteor Rain" music clip video
United States
Meteor-Rain-YA-Entertainment January 3, 2005[15]
Set details[5]
  • 2-disc set
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Subtitles: English, Chinese
  • Running time: 240 minutes[16]
  • Dolby Digital



F4's debut album Meteor Rain

Main article: Meteor Rain (album)

Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Vanness Wu, and Ken Chu formed the F4, after the success of Meteor Garden. They released their debut album, also titled Meteor Rain, on August 28, 2001.[17]The album's title track, "Liu Xing Yu" ("Meteor Rain") served as the series' theme song. Wu's "Ni Bu Ai Wo Ai Shui" and Chu's "Here We Are" were also featured on the show.

Meteor Rain was named one of the "Top 10 Selling Mandarin Albums of the Year" in 2002 by the Hong Kong branch of IFPI.[18]


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