Not to be confused with Meteor Rain.

Meteor Shower (Chinese: 流星雨; pinyin: Liúxīng Yǔ), also translated to Meteor Rain, is an unlicensed adaptation of Boys Over Flowers. The producers later stated that the show is an "original work" and is only inspired by the manga.[1] The first season aired in August 2009 for thirty-six episodes, followed by the second season in August 2010, also thirty-six episodes. Meteor Shower has spawned a novel, an animated series, and a manhua.

The series stars Zheng Shuang as the strong-willed, Chu Yuxun and Hans Zhang as the equally headstrong, Murong Yunhai. Yu Haoming as Duanmu Lei, Wei Chen as Ye Shuo, and Zhu Zixiao as Shangguan Ruiqian, co-star as Yunhai's best friends with love stories of their own. Tan Lina, playing Jiang Yuan, joined the main cast for the second season as Yuxun's rival for Yunhai.


Season 1

Let's Go Watch the Meteor Shower (一起来看流星雨 Yìqǐ Láikàn Liúxīng Yǔ)
Chu Yuxun (Zheng Shuang) is accepted into Aliston College, one of the most distinguished schools in China. Unfortunately, the school is under the complete control of three rich boys, the musically gifted, Duanmu Lei (Yu Haoming); the IT genius, Ye Shuo (Wei Chen); and the playboy, Shangguan Ruiqian (Zhu Zixiao).[2] Things become worst after they join forces with Yuxun's new enemy, the headstrong, Murong Yunhai (Hans Zhang). The four boys unite and become strong from their mutual want to be expelled from the school.[3] Though the boys become closer and eventually give up being expelled.[4]

Yunhai falls in love with Yuxun, while she begins to have a crush on Duanmu. He assures Yunhai that he actually has feelings for the school's music teacher, Yu Xin (Peng Yang)[5], even following her to Britain.[6] Yunhai and Yuxun grow closer through a series of events.[7] Not realizing how serious Yunhai was about her, she begins dating Duanmu, when he returns heartbroken from Britain.[4] Upset, Yunhai decides to go back to Australia,[8] though he decides to not board the plane at the last minute. He starts to pursue Yuxun again, while Yu Xin returns from England.[9] Duanmu endes up breaking up with Yuxun, believing that she is in love with Yunhai.[10]

Yunhai's mother, Shen Hanfeng (Li Ying) does not approve of Yuxun and tries various schemes to get her away from Yunhai.[11] Despite the continuous opposition for his mother, Yunhai gives Yuxun a necklace and she agrees to be his girlfriend for two months. After a misunderstanding, Yunhai's mother causes the father of Yuxun's best friend, Xiao Yu (Chen Yina) to lose his job. To get his job back, Yuxun breaks up with Yunhai.[12] Meanwhile, Shangguan, who has befriended Xiao You, admits to her that he will have an arranged marriage after college. Xiao Yu confesses her feelings for him[13] and he starts to feel the same way, though he does not admit it.[14]

Once again, Yunhai decides to return to Australia, believing that Yuxun is in love with Duanmu. Yunhai's mother wants her daughter, Yunduo (Xiao Han) to meet a good match. Her plan backfires, when Yunduo reunites with her ex, Lin Xioli (Zong Fengyan). They break up again, when Hanfeng believes he has hacked into her computer.[14] The real culprit is actually Ye Shuo, who Hanfeng intends to prosecute. Yunhai has since returned from Australia, and acts uncaring toward his friend at first. Eventually, he helps Ye Shuo out of jail.[15][16]

Yunhai's childhood friend, Vincy (Ma Jianqin) returns from America.[16] He takes her to an amusement park, where he recalls memories of a previous visit with Yuxun. Vincy has him take her to Alistun, and kisses him in front of Yuxun, before returning to America. Later, Yunhai learns that his mother was the real culprit behind his break up with Yuxun.[17] Yunhai leaves home, sick of his mother's controlling nature, though his relationship with Yuxun remains strained.[18] Around the same time, Lin Xiaoli anonymously accuses Hanfeng of manipulating the Murong Group stocks, forcing the police to investigate.[19]

Xiaoli regrets his actions, however the damage has been done, which includes Yunhai's father, Zhongshi (Wang Jianxin) being sent to jail. Hanfeng collapses from stress[20] and Xiaoli attempts to apologize. Meanwhile, Yuxun is planning her first birthday party and tries to invite Yunhai.[21] The two are finally brought together, when they track down a hit-and-run driver, who hits Yunhai with a bat. Yuxun realizes how much she loves him and they become a couple again. The day of Yuxun's party, Yunhai clears up everything with Lin Xiaoli, who is leaving for England.[22] As Yunhai drives to Yuxun's party, he becomes dizzy and crashes into a tree.[23]

Yunhai is taken to the hospital and Hanfeng immediately blames Yuxun for all their misfortune. Duanmu's father comes back from America to operate on Yunhai, who is know in a coma. Vincy also returns and the surgery is a success. However, Yunhai is now suffering from amnesia and only remembers his family.[23] Yunhai's mother uses the situation to her advantage and tells Yunhai that Vincy is his girlfriend.[24] She plans to send them to America, where Yuxun cannot interfere. Her plan fails, when Vincy tears up Yunhai's ticket and returns on her own. In a last-ditch effort to have Yunhai remember, Duanmu and Yuxun step up the same situation of when she first met Yunhai. Their attempt appears to have worked as he smiles while walking toward her.[25]

Season 2

Let's Go Watch the Meteor Shower Again (一起又看流星雨 Yìqǐ Yòukàn Liúxīng Yǔ)
Chu Yuxun, now a second year student at Aliston, is patiently waiting for Murong Yunhai to return. At the same time, Yunhai is at a remote island being treated for his condition. Nightly, he is haunted by visions of a girl and escapes the island to find her. He travels to Singapore, where he meets Jiang Yuan (Tan Lina).[26] The two strike up a friendship and eventually travel back home to China together.[27] Back at Aliston, he reunites with his "brothers", though he still does not remember Yuxun.[28] Duanmu Lei pushes Yunhai, which finally triggers his memories of Yuxun.[29]

Jiang falls in love with Yunhai and attempts to drown herself, when he chooses Yuxun over her.[30] After some time, Jiang and Yunhai agree to be friends. Yunhai and Yuxun become an official couple again, though his mother (Yu Xiaohui) still disapproves.[31]

Cast and characters

Zheng Shuang as Chu Yuxun (楚雨蕁; Tsukushi Makino/Dong Shan Cai)

A tough, stubborn girl, who worked hard to enroll at Aliston.[2] She stays with her mom and uncle, when she is not in the dorms and her best friend is Xiao Yu.[32] Her enemies are Murong Yunhai and his friends.[3] However, she develops a crush on Duanmu Lei[32], who she learns she saved from bullying as a child. He reveals that he does not feel the same,[33] though the two later date for a short time.[4] She falls in love with Yunhai, though his mother does not approve and breaks them up.[12] After he develops amnesia and forgets her, Yuxun continues to love Yunhai.[24]

Hans Zhang as Murong Yunhai (慕容雲海; Tsukasa Domyoji/Dao Ming Si)

A obstinate ABC (Australian-born Chinese) and professional racer. His family and butler affectionately call him, "Xiaohai".[2] He becomes friends with Duanmu Lei, Ye Shuo, and Shangguan Ruiqian, after transferring to Aliston.[3] Yunhai eventually falls in love with Yuxun, and feels betrayed after seeing her with Duanmu.[4] He carries on pursuing Yuxun, and dates her for a few days, before his mother forces them apart.[12] They date once again,[22] prior to his accident, which causes him to develop amnesia.[23]

Yu Haoming as Duanmu Lei (端木磊; Rui Hanazawa/Hua Ze Lei)

The rich son of a neurologist and an OB/GYN. His dream is to become a professional pianist[2], and is very particular about music.[34] Lei is also protective over Yuxun, because she defended him from bullies when they were children.[33] He falls for Yu Xin and chases after her, when she leaves for Britain.[6] Duanmu returns from Britain with a broken heart and starts dating Yuxun, upsetting Yunhai.[4] He breaks up with Yuxun, believing that she actually loves Yunhai.[10] Yu Xin returns from Britain,[9] however Duanmu does not pursue a relationship with her.[25]

Wei Chen as Ye Shuo (葉爍; Akira Mimasaka/Mei Zuo)

An IT genius and the brains behind his brother's successful online gaming business.[2] He hates his brother, Ye Mian, and blames him for their father's death.[35] To sabotage his brother, Ye Shuo creates a competing website,[6] which hurts his brother.[11] Him and his brother reach an understanding later on and appear to be on good terms.[25] Ye Shuo likes older women and eventually falls for Yunhai's sister, Yunduo.[5] She rejects him, because she still loves her ex-boyfriend, Lin Xiaoli.[36] Sometime later, Ye Shuo confesses again and she accepts his feelings.[25]

Zhu Zixiao as Shangguan Ruiqian (上官瑞謙; Sojiro Nishikado/Xi Men)

The playboy son of the top leader in the travel industry. He was undefeated at basketball, until Murong Yunhai enrolled at Aliston.[2] Shangguan previously thought that all girls have a "shelf life" of two weeks,[8] which was a mask to hide that his have parents arranged a marriage for him. Despite this, after learning of Xiao Yu's feelings,[13] he begins to feel the same way towards her.[14] The two later make their relationship official.[25]

Tan Lina as Jiang Yuan (蒋媛)

The principal's daughter, who had the opportunity to study at Harvard.[28] She meets Yunhai in Singapore, and travels to the Maldives with him, before going back home to China.[27] Yuan decides to attend Alistun and later confesses her feelings to Yunhai.[30]
Supporting cast and characters
Character Name Actor Counterpart
(Meteor Garden)
An Yuan 安远 Cai Juntao Teacher at Aliston
Chai Xuecun 柴雪村 Li Donglin Haruo Makino Shan Cai's father Yuxun's uncle
Guo Rongrong 郭蓉蓉 Lu Hu Student at Aliston
Ji Nana 金娜娜 Chu Yinan
Yue Xu
Erika Ayuhara Qian Hui Meiran's best friend
Jie Jialong 解甲龍 Li Shipeng Nishida Murong family butler
Langu 兰姑 Zhang Yimu
Zhu Wenxi
Aliston staff
Lin Xiaoli 林曉黎 Zong Fengyan
Houxiang Ling
Yunduo's ex-boyfriend
Lisa Mi Lu Shangguan's girlfriend
Murong Yunduo 慕容雲朵 Xiao Han Tsubaki Domyoji Dao Ming Zhuang Yunhai's older sister
Murong Zhongshi 慕容中石 Wang Jianxin Tsukasa's father Yunhai's father
Principal Jiang 校長蒋 Xu Zhihe Yuan's father
Shen Hanfeng 沈含楓 Li Ying
Yu Xiaohui
Kaede Domyoji Dao Ming Feng Yunhai's mother
Tracy 崔西 Ren Wei Works at Alistun
Vincy 温思 Ma Jianqin Yunhai's childhood friend
Xiao Qi 曉琦 Zhang Xiaoqi
Xiao Yu 小漁 Chen Yina Yuki Matsuoka Xiao You Yuxun's best friend
Xinxin 鑫鑫 Wang Lixin
Xu Lili 徐麗麗 Ren Silu
Peng Bo
Makiko Endo Li Zhen Yuxun's dorm roommate
Ye Mian 葉勉 Huang Zhiwei Ye Shuo's older brother
Yu Xin 於馨 Peng Yang Shizuka Todo Teng Tang Jing Music teacher
Yuxun's mother Xu Yang
Xiao Hui
Chieko Makino Shan Cai's mother Yuxun's single mother
Zhao Meiran 趙美然 Yin Xiezi
Ge Xiaofeng
Yuriko Asai Bai He Nana's best friend


Meteor Shower is based on the manga, Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio and was influenced by the success of its many adaptations, including Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, and Boys Over Flowers.

The show was named New Meteor Garden during production. It was renamed Meteor Shower, after Hunan TeV was unable to obtain the rights from Shueisha. A clause in Shueisha's contract with producers of the Korean version stated that within two years of the Korean broadcast Boys Over Flowers would not be licensed to third parties. The screenwriter has since stated that Meteor Shower is an original work.[37][1]

The names of the characters were also changed to set Meteor Shower apart from Boys Over Flowers.[1] Many changes were also made to the plot, although the premise of a strong-willed girl and a clique of four boys remained the same.




Cover for the Meteor Shower novel

Meteor Shower, a novel based on the first season of the drama, was published by Huashan Literature and Art Publishing House in August 2009. It was co-written by four screenwriters of the original show. The novel, like the show, follows Chu Yuxun as she enrolls at Alistun College and chronicles her forays with Murong Yunhai and his friends.[38]



Cover for the first chapter of Meteor Shower

A manhua (Chinese comics, which are typically done in full color) adaptation of the television series, also titled Meteor Shower, began in 2015. The comic has ran for over thirty-two chapters in the magazine, Flowering Comic (花漫).[39][40] The magazine ceased publication in 2016,[41] presumably also ending all the series' in it.



Poster for the animated series

Meteor Shower was adapted into a fifty-two episode cartoon series also titled Let's Go Watch the Meteor Shower. It was produced by Golden Eagle Cartoon in collaboration with Hunan TV. The series aired four days a week, starting on February 8[42] and ending on March 22, 2016. It starred Qiao Shiyu as Chu Yuxun and Jiang Guangtao as Murong Yunhai[43]

Voice cast[43]
Character Voice Original
Chu Yuxun Qiao Shiyu Zheng Shuang
Murong Yunhai Jiang Guangtao Hans Zhang
Duanmu Lei Tian Bo Yu Haoming
Ye Shuo Chen Hao Wei Chen
Shangguan Ruiqian Bian Jiang Zhu Zixiao
Yu Xin Tang Jing Peng Yang
Xiao Yu Liu Lu Chen Yina
Murong Yunduo Xiao Han
Shen Hanfeng Xu Xiaoqing Li Ying
Murong Zhongshi Qi Jie Wang Jianxin


  • A Different Kind of Pretty Man (不一樣的美男子 Bù Yīyàng Dì Měi Nánzǐ) is sometimes considered a sequel to Meteor Shower, although the plot and characters are unrelated. The drama was also directed by Chen Yi and Ding Yang Guo, and also starred Hans Zhang.
  • Throughout the second season, Yunhai and his friends are referred to as the "H4" similar to the name F4 from the manga Boys Over Flowers.


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