Mi-tan (ミータン () Mī-tan) was the boyfriend of Konno. Like Konno, he was kind though somewhat of a "ditz". He enjoyed playing baseball as a child, and went to the batting cages often when he got older.


Mi-tan was in a long-term relationship with Konno. One day, Konno invited Oto Edogawa and Haruto Kaguragi to hang out with her and Mi-tan. They decided to go to the batting cages, a spot he and Konno often went to. Afterwards, they all went out to eat. When Airi Maya arrived a second later, Mi-tan and Konno were both amazed by her.[1]

Physical appearance

Mi-tan's one noticeable feature was his prominent two front teeth. He had long, feathered hair and an oval-shaped face. He had an affinity for button-down shirts, which he wore with a small chain necklace.

Personality and traits

At first glance, Oto remarked to herself that he "seems like a ditz". Him and his girlfriend had similar kind-hearted yet oblivious personalities. Haruto accidentally insulted them a few times, though they did not seem aware of it. Mi-tan was also affectionate toward his girlfriend.

Behind the scenes