Mika (美佳 (みか) Mika) was a girlfriend that dated Nakatsuka. She promptly dumped him, when she thought Sojiro Nishikado was interested in her.[2]


Mika met Nakatsuka sometime prior to dating him and initially hesitated before bringing him to her house, thinking he had a girlfriend.[3] The two later went to a club called Bronx in Aoyama, Tokyo. She ditched Nakatsuka when Sojiro Nishikado showed interest in her. However, Sojiro was only pretending so he could humiliate Nakatsuka to get revenge for Yuki Matsuoka.[2]

Physical appearance

Mika had dark wavy hair that fell a few inches from her shoulders. She was only seen once, wearing a semi-striped shirt, short skirt, and fishnet stockings with combat boots.

Personality and traits

Mika knew of Eitoku Academy and the F4, unlike Nakatsuka. She was impressed enough by Sojiro Nishikado and his looks to take only a second to dump Nakatsuka, making her a somewhat shallow person.

Behind the scenes