Miya: "My boyfriend says you asked him out."
Umi: "Asked him out...? had that fight and he seemed so sad. I wanted you two to make up."
Miya: "It's none of your business! Quit acting like a goody-two-shoes."
— Miya slaps Umi for speaking to her boyfriend.[src]

Miya (ミヤ () )[1] is a student at M Academy. She was friends with Umi Nakajima, before Umi overstepped her boundaries by asking Miya's boyfriend out.[2]


Miya began attending M Academy at an unknown period of time and became acquainted with Umi Nakajima. Later, Miya began a relationship with an unknown boy and had a fight with him. Trying to comfort him, Umi asked him out. Umi did not consider it to be a "date" and the meaning was misconstrued by Miya and her boyfriend. Upset, Miya confronted Umi and slapped her. Miya left as her friends comforted and told her to call her boyfriend later.[2]

Physical appearance

She has short hair, which she braids into loose pigtails. Miya is seen wearing M Academy's uniform. She leaves her shirt collar open without a ribbon, wearing a necklace instead. Her eyes and face shape are similar to Umi Nakajima's.

Behind the scenes