"Miyoko and I...we always said that someday we'd become family through our children. Though now, it's become her last wish..."
Mrs. Edogawa tears up while talking about Miyoko[src]

Miyoko Hase (馳 美代子 (はせ みよこ) Hase Miyoko) was the mother of Tenma Hase and the first wife Mr. Hase. She was the best friend of Oto Edogawa's mother.


Miyoko attended and graduated from the same college as her best friend. She later married her husband and gave birth to their son, Tenma. She and her best friend harbored hopes that their children would marry. Probably after Miyoko's untimely death, Tenma and Oto were engaged to be married.[1]

After Miyoko's death, her husband married Mirei Hase. Mirei disapproved of Tenma's and Oto's engagement.[2]

Physical appearance

A younger Miyoko was seen in a photograph from her college graduation. In the photo, she was wearing a kimono with a floral pattern. Her hair fell past her shoulders and was partially held up by a flower hairpin. She parted the majority of her bangs to the right. Her eyes gave off a soft, gentle vibe. In another photo, Miyoko's hair was styled as a long bob that curled toward the bottom. The latter photo was most likely more recent since it was used at her funeral.

Behind the scenes