Momonozono Academy (桃乃園学院 (もものぞのがくいん) Momonozono Gakuin) is a high school in Japan with a "nouveau riche image". The school's rival is the well-established Eitoku Academy. Its star pupil and student council president, Tenma Hase attracted new applicants to the school.[1]


Momonozono is a relatively new school and had a "nouveau riche image". It formed a rivalry with Eitoku Academy.[1] In recent years, Momonozono gained an eighteen percent increase in student applications, while Eitoku suffered a twenty percent decrease.[2] The main attraction to the school is the star pupil, Tenma Hase. The school is also decorated lavishly, partly to attract new students.[3]


Behind the scenes

  • Momonozono Academy is first mentioned in chapter one and does not appear until chapter eight.
  • The school uniform for the boys is a type of Gakuran in an unusual white color.