Oto Edogawa
Character information
Name in Japanese 江戸川 音
Name in Chinese
Name in Hangul
Romanization Edogawa Oto
Gender Female
Age 17[1]
Born December 15[1]
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Blue
Occupations Student
Family Unnamed (mother)
Makoto Edogawa (father)
Unnamed (grandmother)
Relationships Tenma Hase (fiancé)
Education Eitoku Academy
Affiliations Edo Quality Cosmetics

Oto Edogawa (江戸川 音 (えどがわ おと) Edogawa Oto) is a seventeen-year-old[1] student at Eitoku Senior High and fiancée of Tenma Hase.[2] She is the daughter of Makoto Edogawa, the president of the bankrupt, Edo Quality Cosmetics.[3] Oto currently lives with her mother in an apartment, and has a part-time job at a convenience store.[4]


Early life

Oto was born an only child to her mother and father, Makoto Edogawa. At one time, Oto lived in Paris with her parents.[5] Oto's mother was friends with Tenma Hase's, the families also went vacationing to Karuizawa. It was Miyoko's last wish that Tenma and Oto would marry. They were betrothed to each other sometime after her death[6]

Oto enrolled into Eitoku Academy during her second semester of middle school.[7] Around this time, her family's company, Edo Quality Cosmetics went bankrupt.[3] After the bankruptcy, Tenma's current parents agreed for the couple to stay engaged as long as Oto still attended Eitoku.[6]

High school

She entered Eitoku Senior High, after graduating from the middle school branch. Oto spent most of her early high school days trying to keep the Correct 5 from finding out about her father's company. Unfortunately, Haruto Kaguragi visited the convenience store, where Oto works, learning about her part-time job. Haruto became paranoid that she would reveal his secret hobby for collecting mail-order items, while she feared he would force her out of Eitoku.[4] He invited her to his house, hoping to seduce her. The attempt failed, resulting in Oto punching him with a "hunk of beef".[8] Later that day, Oto goes to work and a co-worker followed her home. Haruto kicked the co-worker, before he assaulted her.[3] After saving her, Haruto admitted that he was also following her, which she found "creepy". Haruto's friend, Kaito Taira confronted Oto and explained Haruto's situation and angrily told her not to "misunderstand". Later on, Oto realized how bad the situation might have been without Haruto, and visited him at his mansion to thank him.[5]

At school, Oto was invited by her friends, Kyoko and Asami, to a pancake shop, which she turned down. Overhearing the conversation, Haruto asked her out for pancakes also. She agreed, feeling she owed him a debt for making her co-worker quit.[9] A few days later, Haruto took Oto out to eat pancakes. Oto tried to explain her reasons for attending Eitoku, which he misinterpreted. Thinking she admires the F4, Haruto took Oto on a "pilgrimage" to each of the F4's houses.[10]

Physical appearance

Oto has a choppy hair style, which is about medium length. Her hair is shown to either be auburn or brown. She also has blue eyes, which sometimes appear to be grey.[2] Most of the time Oto can be seen wearing the regular Eitoku student uniform or normal casual clothes. She does occasionally wear expensive clothes, which Tenma buys for their dates.[9]

Personality and traits

Tenma recalls that Oto was "always laughing", that "[she] enjoyed life so much", that she was talkative and "said what [she] thought".[6] In contrast, Oto is shown to be quiet and mostly trying to stay out of trouble at Eitoku.[4] Unlike most of the Eitoku students, she never showed much interest in the Correct 5.[8]

Behind the scenes


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