Mrs. Edogawa
Character information
Name in Japanese 江戸川
Name in Chinese
Name in Hangul
Gender Female
Hair color
Eye color
Occupations Unknown (part-time)[1]
Family Oto Edogawa (daughter)
Relationships Makoto Edogawa (husband)
Education Unknown (college)
Affiliations Edo Quality Cosmetics (former)
"It reminds me of when we lived in Paris and ate this cuisine every night. I think Marronniers are about to bloom soon...Why are we here, right? Don't you think so too, Oto?"
—Mrs. Edogawa misses her affluent lifestyle.[src]

Edogawa (江戸川 (えどがわ) Edogawa) is the wife of Makoto Edogawa[2] and mother of Oto Edogawa. Her best friend was Miyoko, the mother of Tenma Hase. She is still deeply affected by her friend's death.[3] Mrs. Edogawa lives in a small apartment with her daughter and misses her well-to-do life.[4] Recently, she got a part-time job to help support her family.[1]


She graduated from the same college as her best friend, Miyoko. The two were close and wished for their children to be married.[3] She married her husband, Makoto Edogawa sometime during or after this time period, before she had a chance to start working.[5] Together they had their daughter, Oto Edogawa.[2] The three lived in Paris together at one time.[4]

When her husband's company went under,[2] Mrs. Edogawa and Oto were forced to move to a small apartment. She still misses her old lifestyle, and hopes that Oto will rectify this[6] by marrying Tenma Hase, while also fulfilling her best friend's last wish.[3] Her husband is away working to pay off his debts.[5] Mrs. Edogawa also got a part-time job working with registers to help support the family.[1]

Physical appearance

Mrs. Edogawa's most notable trait is her eyes, which are always shut. Except for a few instances, when they are opened just slightly. This is a common device in anime and used in this case to convey "obliviousness".[7] Her hair is short and curled toward her face at the bottom, while her bangs are swept to the left. She is always seen wearing skirts, and sometimes fancy jewelry.

Personality and traits

Mrs. Edogawa had grown use to her rich lifestyle, and now seems reluctant to let go of it. She still shops at the upscale, shopping district, Ginza.[4] She is also proud of the fact that Oto still attends Eitoku Academy. Mrs. Edogawa appears oblivious to Oto's feelings, and blinded by her want to be rich again.

Behind the scenes




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