"Ever since my dad's company went under, she's been depressed. I'm just happy that she's finally going to try to get a job, so I want to have dinner waiting for her."
Oto talks about her mother to Haruto[src]

Edogawa (江戸川 (えどがわ) ) was the wife of Makoto and mother of Oto. Her best friend was Miyoko Hase, the late mother of Tenma Hase. She was deeply affected by her friend's death. Following her family's bankruptcy, Edogawa lived in a small apartment with her daughter.


She graduated from the same college as her best friend, Miyoko. The two were close and wished for their children to marry one day. Edogawa was deeply affected by her death.[1] She married her husband, Makoto Edogawa, before she had a chance to start working.[2] Together they had one daughter, Oto Edogawa.[3] The family lived in Paris at one time.[4]

When her husband's company went under,[3] all of the family's things were repossessed. She and Oto moved into a small apartment in Tokyo. Mrs. Edogawa continued missing her old lifestyle.[1] Her husband worked in Kyushu for a relative to pay off his debts.[2][5] Mrs. Edogawa later obtained a part-time job working with registers to help support the family.[6]

Physical appearance

Her most noticeable trait were her eyes, which were always shut or slightly opened. Mrs. Edogawa wore her hair in a short-bob that curled on the ends toward her face. Her bangs were parted to the left. She dressed nicely, despite her tight budget. Her wardrobe consisted of skirts, blouses, and sweaters.

Personality and traits

Prior to the bankruptcy of her husband's company, Mrs. Edogawa enjoyed the lavish lifestyle. She later often talked about the things she missed about it. Another source of sadness for Edogawa was the untimely death of her best friend. She tended to dwell in the past, fixating particularly on these to two events. Edogawa was often oblivious to Oto's feelings, not realizing what her daughter really wanted. Nevertheless, she loved her daughter and began moving on from her past, when she obtained a part-time job.

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