"Overnight Sensation"
Single information
Artists trf
Released March 8, 1995
Label Avex Trax
Writers Tetsuya Komuro

"Overnight Sensation–Jidai wa Anata ni Yudane Teru" (Overnight Sensation ~時代はあなたに委ねてる~ (オーバーナイト・センセーション じだいはあなたにゆだねてる) Overnight Sensation ~Jidai wa Anata ni Yudane Teru~) is a single performed by the Japanese band, trf. The single was released on March 8, 1995 by Avex Trax and produced by Tetsuya Komuro. It was re-released on November 29, 2006.

The band performed the song in the last scene of the 1995 film, Hana Yori Dango.


trf is a band made up of DJ Koo, Sam, Etsu, Yu-ki, and Chiharu. The band was produced by Tetsuya Komuro, who also wrote "Baby's Growing Up", the opening song of Hana Yori Dango (1995).

The song won the 37th Japan Record Award on December 31, 1995. It charted at #1 on the Oricon charts, eventually ending the year at #27.[1]

It is included on trf's album, dAnce to positive (1995), Lif-e-Motions (2006), and the compilation album, TK MILLION WORKS (1996).

Track listing

No. TitleLyricsMusicArrangers Length
1. "Overnight Sensation" (Original Mix)Tetsuya KomuroTetsuya KomuroTetsuya Komuro, Koji Kubo  
2. "Overnight Sensation" (Extended Mix)KomuroKomuroKomuro, Kubo  
3. "Overnight Sensation" (Original Karaoke)KomuroKomuroKomuro, Kubo  

Music video

TRF - Overnight Sensation05:01

TRF - Overnight Sensation



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